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Lexi D'Angelo - Lifestyle Stylist   lexidangelo.com   

Lexi D'Angelo - Lifestyle Stylist 



From the first moment I spoke with Lauren, I knew that she was the full package—kind, confident, bright, and energetic. I just couldn’t help be drawn to her personality. One of the many things I love about Lauren is that while she’s an extremely knowledgeable coach, she’s also an extremely personable and approachable person, which makes opening up to her so easy and enjoyable. I know Lauren is going to change the lives of so many female entrepreneurs, so if you have the chance to work with her, jump on it! You definitely won’t regret it and you’re bound to have so much fun with her WHILE skyrocketing your success. Win-win!





Alyssa Johnson, Owner & Teacher at Ariel and Alyssa (  www.arielandalyssa.com  )

Alyssa Johnson, Owner & Teacher at Ariel and Alyssa (www.arielandalyssa.com)



My coaching sessions with Lauren are unbelievably helpful, practical, and insightful.  Lauren holds a space of love, compassion and nonjudgment as I work through my beliefs and fears.  She provides helpful tools to help me shift my beliefs, and practical action steps to overcome my fears so that I may move forward on my goals.  She also helps me go deeper with my beliefs and fears so that I can see what lies underneath them and get to the root of my issues.  I have learned so much about myself through my work with her; each session with Lauren is insightful and allows me to expand into more of my true self.  As I build my business and work on my creations, I cannot imagine moving forward without bouncing ideas off of Lauren to ensure that I am on the right path.




Rachel Johnson  Sign Language Interpreter 

Rachel Johnson

Sign Language Interpreter 

Working with Lauren has changed the trajectory of my life. For over a year and a half I had felt ready to leave my profession but didn't know what else I wanted to do and that lead to feelings of discontent with work and eventually my personal life. In a few short hours she developed tools for me implement in my daily activities that have lead to more excitement for the future than I've ever experienced up to this point in my life. Now, instead of looking toward the future with trepidation I'm seeing possibility and opportunity where before I only saw dead ends and closed doors. For anyone feeling stuck or as though you're meant for something more but don't know    how to do it, I couldn't recommend Lauren more highly.