One Word That Can Change Everything

I know If you are anything like me you have a to do list a mile long not to mention all of the things that you want to do.  Feeling overwhelmed and burdened is the quickest way to slip in to a  dull life that is full of obligation.  I know you are striving for a life full of excitement and joy, but how do you get there when you feel like there are so many things you “should” do. 
Well there is one word that can change EVERYTHING
Saying no to things that you do not want or things that you are doing only out of obligation can start to transform your life.
My top priority is self care.  Self care can take on many different forms and for me include taking baths to relax, keeping my frig stocked with healthy and nutritious food, and working out regularly.  For you it could me something totally different, but the principle still stands.  Making yourself and your well being the top priority in your life.  No one is going to come along and give you permission to put yourself first, you just have to start doing it.
Now I have been making myself a priority for a long time, but when I started to incorporate the word “no” into my vocabulary more I started to see my life change before my eyes.   I had no idea how much I was still living with a sense of obligations to others before myself.  I looked at my life and started to see where I was coming up second, third or even last on the priority list.  It was shocking! But then I just started telling people no when I didn’t want to go somewhere, or no, I’m sorry I cant when there was something else I wanted to do.  Now, don’t get me wrong it wasn’t as easy as I just started to say no and that was that.  I felt a lot of guilt come up.  But I knew if I wanted to live a life where I was my top priority I needed to start saying no.
When I started to put myself first on all of my priority list I started to feel more relaxed and more excited about every day.  Things began to feel easier and more in line with the life I desired to have.
So today I empower you to start putting yourself first.  If that means saying no to something you feel obligated to do but don’t want to, or just taking a few extra minutes to yourself.  You are the most important thing in your life; don’t ever forget that.  When you start to prioritize yourself others will too.
How will you put yourself first today?
With love,