One Trap You MUST Avoid

I wanted to write to you today and tell you why I was feeling so guilty.  

So you know how much I love my business and how I am so grateful that I get to travel all over the world while I help women find clarity on their purpose and figure out how to turn that into profits. 

I get so excited from helping women go after their dream lives through creating a freedom based business.  I love seeing the change in my clients when they start giving themselves permission to have the life they have been desiring for a long time. 

All go this to say that there was one thing I really wanted and found myself falling into the trap of oh yeah right, some day....

I bet you know that trap, the some day I will have that or live that way.  You day dream about when you win the lottery and can quit your job and travel how you want to, oh some day. My some day thing was hiring a stylist.I love clothes and fashion and think I have pretty good style.  But I totally wanted to hire someone to help me figure out what really looks best on me and what colors to wear, I mean come on what woman doesn't want that.  

I always thought that was for other people, and that I would have it some day, but right now it was so far out of my reach.  I didn't even allow myself to really look into the idea of it, I just held it far away from me and figured one day when I was like Beyonce status I could hire a stylist.  


Have you ever felt that way? Maybe there is something right now you are feeling that way about.  You really desire it, but feel kind of guilty and it for sure feels out of reach for you.  You know it would be awesome, but keep thinking that it's not meant for you, at least not right now. 

That is how I felt! I felt guilty for even wanting it, especially because I felt like it was something I couldn't have, not for a long time. But you know what happened?? I decided to just indulge myself and look into how much it would cost, and what it would look like.  I stayed connected to my desire, and just did a little bit of research.  You know what I found?! Not only was it much less expensive than I thought, I found an amazing stylist who would give me exactly what I needed, which was just a little bit more guidance, and some plans.  So I did  it!! That's right, I hired her.  We met yesterday and it was like a dream.  


I realized I had to tell you this, not to show off that I hired a stylist but to show you that the "some day" idea is just a bunch of BS.  "Some day" is never coming.  If there is something you are desiring and maybe even feeling guilty about, you keep thinking it is for other people; I want to tell you, that is just NOT the case.

You have your desire for a reason, they are meant for you. Think of it this way, you are not desiring to be the President of the U.S. right now, you have YOUR desire.  Whatever it is, it is made for you. So it's time to ditch the idea that they are only meant for other people, or maybe if you wait long enough you will get them. So today I invite you to really think about your desires, and start looking into them.  Find out what it would take, how much it would cost, what would be involved.  Get clear.  Then hold the truth that whatever you are desiring is right for you, and it not only is possible for you some day, it is possible for you TODAY.

With love,


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