Why Community Could be a Game-Changer for You

I was talking to a friend the other day, and they asked me what I think the biggest game-changer was in going after my dream business and lifestyle.  While I had a list of many very important things I realized one of the biggest game-changers for me was:

Having a Community full of likeminded people. 

All too often, we try to do things on our own, and we can be fairly successful going at it by ourselves.  But when I look back especially over the past year to where my business and life early took off it was when I decided to join a community full of female entrepreneurs.  The group I joined is amazing, and it got me thinking about the larger picture. 

When we find people who will cheer us on when we are feeling unsure, and celebrate us when we score that big (or small) win, it can make all the difference.  I know depending on where you live a physical community may not be a readily available option.  Remember you want people who are going after things just as much as you are, a community who gets where you are and where you want to go. But no need to fret, there are plenty of other ways to be in community even if it is not in the same physical location!

Have you ever heard "like attracts like"? It's so true! Think about it, if you are going after what it is that you want, doesn't it make sense that you not only want but would have people around you who are doing the same


So today I wanted to let you know why I think having a community is a game changer.  

  • Support and pick me ups when you are feeling defeated

  • Inspiration to keep going and asking for more

  • Permission: when we see others going after what they want, we give ourselves permission to do the same. 

  • People to celebrate with 

  • The knowledge that what we want is just right, not too big or too small for us. 

  • The motivation to keep going, when we see others continuing to get up after they fall down, we feel like we can do the same. 

  • People who just 'get us'

I know all of this sounds wonderful, but you may not even know where to start to get a community of your own.  So I wanted to give you a few ideas! 

You can join a group in your area, there is a wonderful website called "Meetup" and there are tons of groups for you to join wherever you live. 
You can join a group online, Facebook has tons of groups with varying interests
You can ask around, or see where the people who you want to be hanging out with are gathering. 

There are so many options to find a community and help you go after the business and lifestyle that you want.  

I know so many women struggle to find community where they feel accepted and where they can truly go after what they are desiring. So I created a Facebook group.  its called "Fierce Femme Living".

It's a place where women who are going after the business and lifestyle of their dreams can come and support each other.  You come to get inspiration, talk about your next trip, maybe recommend a good recipe, share pictures of the new purse you have been desiring for months, just share what you are doing and how its working.  The group is amazing and truly is for women fiercely going after the life they want.  

If this sounds like it would be a place you would want to be, click here to request to join. It's a closed group so whatever you post stays in the group. 

Here is to you finding your community!

With love,

P.S. I made a video yesterday! If you want to watch my little intro, click here