What I learned from being broke...

Hey Gorgeous! 

Since you opened this newsletter I know you have uttered this horrible phrase before "I'm broke" or "I wish, but I just don't have the money for that".  I get it, I have been there.  I used to believe that I could not afford things that I desired.  I used to feel broke. 

I have been there, overdrawn account, maxed out credit cards, even having money in my account but the overwhelming feeling of it "not being enough".  I came out the other side and I have learned a lot.  I have invested in myself even when it "didn't look like I should" or when I had NO IDEA how the money was going to come in.  

It took me a long time to learn some of these lessons, but it is my hope that if I share them with you, it will take you less time to learn what I learned.  

1. We live in an unlimited universe with unlimited opportunities to provide abundance.  When I used to think I was "broke" or feel like "I couldn't afford things" I felt like what I had was what I had.  I was so scared of desiring more because I was afraid that it wouldn't happen, or worse that there "wasn't enough" for me.  When I started telling myself and believing in the Universe being unlimited in abundance it was easier for me to be "ok" with desiring more money and more abundance. 

2.  There is ALWAYS money for my desires.  This belief was a tough one, but once I started to turn to this belief I realized that I was using money as an excuse.  When I had something I truly desired and I believed it would happen, it always did.  No exception.  I realized I was using this idea that I didn't have the money as an excuse to stay small, to not take risks, or to say no to things that I actually did not want.  When I let my "No" be a "No" and my "Yes" be a "Yes" the money ALWAYS showed up; when I believed it would.  

3.  I cannot measure my success by the amount of money I bring in everyday.  This lesson was something I forced myself to learn early on, but if I am being honest, sometimes I still have to remind myself of this.  When you are an entrepreneur and you measure your success by how much money you make everyday you will feel like a FAILURE.  You MUST be connected to your WHY.  Of course stay connected to the amount of money you desire to create and feel into it.  But you will not be making money every second of every day and when you don't you can not start to feel like a failure because that will keep the money you desire from you. 

4.  The amount of money in your account DOES NOT represent your worth.  This was the HARDEST lesson for me.  As I mentioned, I have been there - overdrawing my account, paying bills late, maxed out cards.  How I got out of the drama was realizing that all of this did NOT reflect my self- worth.  When I had my worth tied to this, of course, I felt HORRIBLE about myself and my business.  When I unhooked my worth from the number in my account I was able to really feel how amazing I am, how successful I am and I was able to connect to my desires and the MONEY FLOWED IN. 

5. Invest in yourself, because you do not have to do this alone.  I was so in my own money drama for so long that I felt like if I just "worked hard enough" or "read enough" I would be able to fix it myself.  But the fact was, it wasn't until I invested in myself (before I felt *ready*) that I was able to make the shifts.  I hired a coach who helped me see where I was in drama, why I was keeping money from myself and how to change it.  I would not have gotten here alone.  

Here is the best part of all of this! I did it WHILE being in the feminine.  One of the biggest blocks I see with my clients is that they do not FEEL into the abundance, and they keep themselves from their true desires.  

As we know, the feminine is about finding everything right, being in love and acceptance for what is.  When we can see everything as "a golden link in our chain of good" (thanks Florence Scovel Shinn) we can truly feel what it would be like to have abundance.  When we can connect to that feeling and be in appreciation for it, we can bring it towards us. 

I know money is a sticky topic but it doesn't have to be.  I have completely changed my relationship with money and I know you can too.  I hope if nothing else these lessons help you move from the money drama into infinite abundance. 

To your Sexy Abundant Success!