Gifts from all of the experts 

What could be better than a decadent dessert, glass of wine or a trip to Paris?! 

Not much, but I think I *may* have found something, 12 somethings to be exact! 

Our amazing experts from The Unleash Your Feminine Superpower Summit have all shared FREE gifts with you! You can find each expert's gift below.  Make sure to sign up for as many as you desire! 


Jennifer Russell has shared with us her course on reclaiming your power.  

Sherina Mayani has shared a 30 minute money block assessment. 

Elayne Doughty has shared her beautiful meditation with us, we well as her  priestess credo.  You can claim both here. 

Melissa Pharr has shared with us her top tips for building your business.  

Chrissy Brady-Smith shares her e-book on 11 steps to start your coaching business in a feminine way, avoiding overwhelm.  

Julie McAfee is sharing her workshop with us at a special discount.  You can access the event here.  

Lexi D'Angelo is sharing her spell book for starting your coaching business and bringing in your own magic.  

Katie DePoala is sharing her inner glow secrets with all of you!

Jennifer Dietrich is sharing her elegant list building for entrepreneurs.  

Jessica Caver Lindholm is sharing with us her freedom video series. 

Joanna Turner is sharing her top 20 tips to creating more money in your business.  

Rebecca Rubin is sharing her guide on how to get your first paid coaching client.  

Don't forget to watch all of the video interviews.  The interviews are only available through Friday November 6th at Midnight (EST).