Magnetism Mastery

The Group program for women who want to unlock their power to create legendary life and epic love.


Hey Gorgeous!

 Have you ever been to a party, or in a restaurant and you walk in with a friend, let's call her Suzie,  and it is like the entire room can not take their eyes off of Suzie?  You are standing right next to her, but it seems at though the entire room's attention is on her and not you. The men in the room want to be near her, the women in the room want to be her. 

Men proceed to approach her all night long, asking her for her number, on dates or to buy her drinks.  You may benefit from their kindness and score a free drink out of the deal; but you really do not see the big difference between you and Suzie.

Although you do recognize; there is something about her, it has nothing to do with what she is wearing, or how she walks.  It is an essence that she embodies.  Love it or hate it she has something that everyone wants.  Especially you.

You leave the night feeling defeated and deflated.  You rack your brain trying to think what the heck Suzie has that you don't.  You know that you don't want to be Suzie, but you do want to attract men like she does.  Maybe you have felt like Suzie every now and then, but the feeling NEVER lasts.

As much as you want to be that woman that every man notices, that men want to date and commit to you actually feel invisible to men, frustrated with dating, annoyed with who you are meeting. 

I get it, if I say oh just get on a dating app the eye roll would be massive.

I know that you are frustrated and disappointed with dating and men.  You are constantly wondering when it is going to better, is it ever going to get better. You would do anything but put yourself on another dating app. 

Let's face it you are over meeting less than quality men again and againYou are sick of repeating the same pattern with men that you date, the non- committal type, the crazy type, the ghosting type.  Whatever your vice is you want a different kind of man yet you have NO IDEA how to meet him, and then what the heck happens once you meet him!


You desire deep passionate love but are starting to wonder if it's even possible for you. 

Or worse you have started thinking that there is something wrong with you. All the while you are beginning to wonder if this idea of a high quality man is real.  Or is this some kind of mythical creature that you have invented.

No you haven't invented a mythical man, they do exist; but there is something that is off. Let me break it down for you.


 There is nothing wrong with you,


However I am going to be honest with you the techniques and methods you are using with men are outdated, and completely not helping you get what you want. Those tips you picked up in popular magazine, from movies and from friends are NOT helping your case with men; in fact most of the time that is exactly what is driving the men away.

I know that you are smart, capable, a high achiever, successful, independent and powerful.  You do not want to settle in love, you haven't settled in life thus far. 

But what you do not realize is what has made you so successful in your professional life, that drive, pushing and goal focused pushes those high quality men away.

So basically you don't have the right tools in your tool box for attracting love into your life.

That's the bad news, the good news is that is where I come in.  Think of me as your new BFF but one who actually knows what she is doing with men!

I used to be invisible to men, I never really dated.  I had a few relationships through high school and college and in those relationships I lost my sense of self because I was so focused on making my boyfriend happy.  Have a desire of my own? No way! That was not what I thought being a "good girlfriend" meant.  Not to mention I was so self conscious and ashamed of my body that I wore turtlenecks and ill fitting clothes.  In my mid twenties I would obsess over guys, why they weren't calling or texting.  I was anything BUT magnetic. 

When my dad passes away (I was 25 at the time) I decided that I was only going to allow this loss to make me a better person.  Not knowing how to handle the deep grief I was experiencing I turned to self development.

I turned to a program that focused on pleasure and really owning who you are as a woman.  This changed everything for me.  I started to really step into parts of myself that had been there all along, but where hidden.  I started to interact differently with men, and boy oh boy was their response to me different as well!

I became obsessed with learning more about men and relationships.  I started to see my entire life transform as I put all of these pieces into place.  I had become the woman that men would cross rooms to approach.  The woman who men ask on the second date if they can be exclusive.  The woman that has men falling all over themselves to serve, and cherish.

I realize this is not most women's experience with men and that is why I decided to take all of my years of courses, trainings, certifications and my own research and packed it into this program for you!

This program starts the second week of January 2017!

The program for the smart, independent powerful woman who is READY to attract the epic love that she desires.

During this 6 month journey you will grow and develop your magnetism within a community of incredible women who are doing the exact same.  This program is unlike any other program that you have done before, this goes far beyond mindset and dating tips.  This is about BECOMING the most magnetic version of yourself.  This will allow you to draw in the man who is ready for commitment, attract the love that you desire and watch your life become that of legends.

This isn't about learning to be someone else, to be less powerful.  This is about learning how to be a powerful WOMAN that men want to date, court and commit to.  This is about learning tangible tools and techniques to be magnetic and irresistible with men so that dating is fun and you have your pick of high quality men.

Imagine emerging after 6 months:

  • Mastering your magnetic mindset so that you can attract everything you desire.
  • Being irresistible to men or your man in a way you have never felt.
  • Feeling so confident in your body and in who you are that no matter what you experience you know that you are the prize.
  • Knowing exactly what to say/text a guy to keep him interested.
  • Break the patterns of men that you are attracting so that you can attract the truly epic love that you desire.
  • Learn how to be more confident than ever before.
  • Magnetize in your desires, including money and experiences so that you can create a legendary life.
  • Learn what to do once you attract your high quality man to keep him interested, and have him want to commit to you.
  • Learn from guest experts in: body love and confidence, seduction, sensual movement, sexuality, money and more!


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You are meant to have everything that you want from a man, and guess what?! Men desire to give all of that to you and more.  The real secret is that men desire to make women happy, you just have to know HOW to pull that out of a man.  There are exact words and phrases to use to make him want to step up and serve you.

This group program is so powerful because it is rare that women have a space to learn this information let alone within a community.  Community is extremely powerful for women and while we have been taught that it is not always safe to be friends with other women we are naturally wired to excel within a sisterhood.  That is why it is so important for me to have this group program.  To give more women access to this life changing information in a context that is built to encourage to thrive even more.


Will you join this group, and finally attract in the love that you desire?


Do I have to be single to be in this program?

No, not at all.  While many of the women are looking for love in terms of a relationship there will be women joining who are looking to reignite the spark with their man.  If you are looking to be more magnetic and captivating with men in general this program is right for you.  Many of my private clients are in relationships and have seen transformation with their men.


What if I can’t be live on the calls?

All of the calls will be recorded and you can submit any questions to me and I will answer them on the call. Even if you are live on the calls you will always be able togo back and re-listen to any and all of the content.


What is the structure of the calls?

The call is 60 minute in length.  The first 30-45 minutes will be me teaching content (there will be written modules and PDFs to accompany each topic) and the last 15-30 minutes will be question and answer/ laser coaching.


Why a Facebook group?

Community is a key cornerstone of this program and I have found closed and private online platforms to be the best way to connect and receive support in between calls.


What content will be covered?

The content in this course centers around you stepping into your magnetism and attracting the love you desire.  Topics covered will include, but are not limited to:

  • Mindset
  • Money
  • Flirting
  • Communicating with Men
  • Femininity
  • Confidence
  • Emotional Mastery
  • Sensuality


What results are guaranteed?

With all coaching there are no guarantees.  The outcomes that you receive from this program will depend on the work that you are putting in. 


What is in included?

  • 18 - 60 minute content and Q & A calls (3 per month)
  • 6 - 45 minute guest expert calls ( 1 per month)
  • Online community
  • Extensive Orientation Packet
  • Extensive Welcome Packet
  • 1 - 30 minute private call with Lauren
  • Additional bonuses


Is there any 1 on 1 time?

Yes every woman who enrolls in the program will receive a 30 minute 1 on 1 calls.  If you enroll prior to the end of the early bird pricing (November 30th.) you will receive an additional 30 minute 1 on 1 call with Lauren.


What support is available between calls?

There is daily support available in the Facebook Community.  This is a place to ask me questions and to receive support from the other women in the program as well. Of course if you have any technical questions you can also e-mail my team.  The reason I encourage you to use the group is because there will be other women who will benefit from your questions as well!

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