You plus me for 1 afternoon - focusing on your life and business

When I was walking the streets of Paris, looking for a cafe to work in I had the amazing idea!

Offer a mini ease and flow intensive.  I wanted to help women like you move out of burn out, out of taking action that is leading them nowhere.  And most importantly get them to a space where you are more creative, more in touch and more in joy.  

I sat at that cafe after reading emails from clients and I realized, so much can shift in 1 afternoon.  With the focused and laser attention of a high level mentor we can dive into the one thing that is taking you out the game right now.  


So if you are: 

Looking for a way to stop spinning in burn out and to stop feeling exhausted so that you can bring in more ease, flow and joy back into your business.  

Feeling like you are just taking action because you are afraid that if you stop your profits will decrease, but know that you aren't here you want to be?

Scared to stop pushing and hustling because you think that your business will take a downturn?

Just desiring to feel more ease and freedom in your business so that you can actually be more productive, create more and bring in more clients and money?


Let's take 3 hours dedicated to you and your business and get you past this confusion into clarity. 

This investment is $1000


I know you may be thinking that you have hours of work to do and have no idea where you could find 3 hours in that busy schedule to fit this in.


Look, you already know how to run a business, you already know what it takes to hustle, to take action and to create wealth.  But you also know burning out, feeling overwhelmed and exhausted is no fun.  Let me show you the OTHER way to do your business.  And no it doesn't involve you giving up ANY of the profits you are used to making.  


During the 3 hour intensive Laser in and:

  • Move from burnout, exhaustion, the creative desert to a space of creative abundance, ease and flow again. 
  • You will move past the fear of less action means less results.  And create more space in your life by connection to a power source within you that you did not even realize that you had!
  • Learn my signature system to expand to be able to receive more, as you learn my practical steps for adding this to your business. 




The investment is $1000