True Turned On Power


Connecting to your true power, allowing your fullest expression and creating the life and love you deeply crave.


You are powerful.


You know you are.


Look at what you have created…..


You have achieved such success in your life, in your business or career.  You show up.  You do the work.  And it has paid off in so many ways.


On the outside looking in – you got it all going on.


So many people envy your life.  You have become such a source of inspiration for others Not to mention those whom you lead.


If it is your community and clients in your business, the people who work for you, or even in your family.


People see you as confident, having it together and powerful.


But you and I both know, while all of that is true……


You feel disconnected from yourself, disconnected and not at home in your body. 

Your confidence while there – could be better. 

You don’t feel fully expressed in your business and especially not in your love life.


You have done a lot of work on yourself and all of it has had an element of going up or outside of yourself for the answers, for your power, and for the way to the life and love that you desire.


You meditate, you journal, and you may even visualize.


Yet you just aren’t where you want to be.


You stifle your emotions.

You want more pleasure, more passion and more connection.

You know to get to the next level in your life and in love you need to go deeper.

You know to fully be in your power you have to come into your feminine more.


But you aren’t exactly sure how it can happen.


Well contrary to popular belief it is NOT about going outside of yourself. 

It is not another mindset course, or a book about relationships.  It is not going to be found in meditation or in visualizing.


It is going to be found with IN your body.


Your true power lies within.


You have always known that, you just haven’t known how to get to it. SO you take the road frequently traveled.  Outside of yourself. Trying desperately to come back to the sovereignty within.


There is a raod less traveled but much more effective.


It is the road directly within.


Connecting deeply to your body.

Connecting to your power source – Pussy.

Connecting to your sexual expression and turn on.

Connecting deeply to your emotions so that you feel safe in your expression.


In order to get to your next level in life and in love you need to do this work – and you know it.


You are being called, and have felt the pull for awhile now.


But you are scared.


I get it.


We have been taught to fear our power more than anything else.


In face our entire society lives in fear of the true turned on power of a woman.


But you won’t be able to lead anything to the next level without the work.

You will continue to plateau, to feel empty and to sabotage aspects of your life.



You will continue to crave something more, something deeper and no matter what you achieve it will NEVER fill that void.


This is not just private coaching it is a sacred initiation into your True Turned On Power.


This is for the woman who feel the pull to go deeper than she ever has before.  To be truly held and seen, and to unleash her true turned on power.


This is for the woman who wants a different kind of life.


The life that starts and ends in a place of pleasure and ecstasy.


The life that has you doing your soul’s work in the world in a way that lights you up and brings everyone around you higher.


The life that has the amazing profound love that continues to grow, evolve and deepen with each day.


The life that is based on being the most unapologetic, vibrant and radiant version of yourself – because what else is life for?


This 6 month journey is for the woman who is ready.  Ready to step into herself and ready to embrace her True Turned On Power.


You will have me as your coach, your guide, your support and your encouragement.


In order to truly do this work you need a coach who has done it, who has gone to the depth, who can hold the space, and who can call forth this next evolution of yourself.


If you are ready to dive into working together privately please email: