The Missing Piece

Hi Gorgeous!

I am so glad that you are here. 

If you are reading this, then I know that you are ready.  You are ready to claim that desire that is seep within your heart, the desire for lasting, passionate love.


And while it may be a bit scary to even admit how much you desire this, if you are reading this page then you are ready – ready for the love that you desire.


I get where you are right now……


You are frustrated with not finding the quality man that you desire

You are over the dates that lead nowhere

You wonder if you should start settling in love.

You know what you are doing isn’t working – but you aren’t exactly sure what to do differently.

You have done the work in other areas, and maybe in love already but you still don’t have what you want.

Love is the missing piece, deep, passionate, fulfilling partnership is what feels like would be the cherry on top of your amazing life.



You may have even resigned yourself to thinking – maybe love just isn’t meant for me.


You can’t remember the last time that you were excited about your love life, let alone a night of earth shattering, soul opening passion. 


You know this is your blindspot, and the real fear is that if you truly go for this – what if it doesn’t work? What if you don’t get what you want.  It is almost better to stay in this place of unhappiness, and frustration than go for your desire.




But you aren’t that kind of woman.


You aren’t the woman who is satisfied with good enough, or just fine.  You aren’t the woman who settles in any other area of her life – why are you even considering settling now?



 Growing up I loved dresses, dancing and just being a girl.  I remember receiving lots of messages to tone it down.  I remember having a difficult time making friends with other girls, so I turned that joy and light down more and more.   

I get it – I am overly ambitious, an over achiever, and recovering  perfectionist.


I spent the majority of my life thinking that my accomplishments and intelligence defined me.  I allowed body shame,  self-consciousness , and people pleasing rule my love life.  I resigned myself to thinking I was “bad with men” and would probably never have the relationship that I desired.


When my dad died in my early 20’s my world fell apart.  The loss rocked everything I knew to be true and more importantly I had absolutely no idea what to do with the emotions that I was feeling.


I made a commitment to myself that this loss would make me a better person, and that I wouldn’t waste any time doing anything that I didn’t love.


Enter in the feminine. 

I grew up thinking that if I was too girly I would be seen as weak, needy and helpless.  However when I came to realize that owning the parts of me that make me a woman – my emotions, my sensuality, my sexuality and my intuition  my entire world changed – for the better.


Not only did I feel amazing in my life but men responded to me in a completely different way.

I went from wearing turtlenecks, feeling invisible and like I would never have the kind of love I desired to being the woman who can walk into a room, have everyone stop and stare in awe, and have her choice of any man.


And that is what I want for you too!


The knowledge that you hold the power, you are the prize.


But in order to know that, deep within your bones – you have to embrace your femininity, create emotional mastery and learn how to communicate in a magnetic way.


This is why I have my private coaching package:

The missing piece


This 6 month journey will change you on a cellular level.


  • You will emerge the woman who has the love that she desires.
  • You will move from feeling frustrated with men to being treated like a goddess.
  • You will drop the behaviors and beliefs that are blocking you from love and you will know how to masterfully navigate a relationship so that you don’t repeat old patterns.
  • You will feel more confident in your body, sexier than you ever have before and more connected to your body.
  • You will know exactly how to draw a man in, how ot keep him, and how to inspire him into his king energy.


This journey is not for the faint of heart, it is for the woman who knows she has a deep desire for epic love and will stop at nothing to get it.


My clients and friends call me the ‘man whisperer’.   They tell me how I make everything so practical, and easy.


And I want to do that for you too!


And best of all, men are DYING for you to have this information. 

Here is what you get

A full day IN PERSON intensive – this gives us a chance to dive in deep off the bat.  To remove all of the subconscious beliefs and patterns standing in your way.  Plus learn how to create a new set point of magnetism.  This all takes place with thebackdrop of an amazing city, and luxury hotel.  This in person aspect also allows you to see how I move through the world, flirt and hold my magneitms in a safe way.  PLUS you will get the energetic transmission of being with a woman who is embodied in her feminine. * 2 half day virtual intensives are also an option *


12- 45 minute private coaching sessions – these calls allow you to receive customized high level support and coaching throughout your journey.  It is our time to dive into what else is coming up, check in on how you are doing and give you feedback so that you are constantly aligned with your desire.


Unlimited voice and text access to me – this element is priceless.  You have me as your wing woman, your support and your accountability for the entire 6 months.


Applicable content and custom practices. – My private coaching package is completely customized, as are the resources, practices and content that I share with you.  The love that you desire isn’t cookie cutter – it is legendary and the support that you receive should be legendary as well.


Because I pour so much into my private coaching cleints, and they receive incredible results – I can only take on a few clients at a time.  Therefore in order to work with me you must apply.


Apply below.


Have any questions email me:


You deserve love, you are worthy of it, and it is time that you claimed your desire and took the action to align you with the legendary love that you crave.