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Magnetizing Men and Money

You will learn: 

  • What you are doing that is actively closing off your ability to receive and how to change it on the call.

  • What your relationship with money has in common with your relationship with men and how to increase what you desire in both areas.

  • How to take your life from good to better in abundance and in love.

  • And more.



The Art of Feminine Magnetism


You will learn: 

  • What you are doing that pushes men away, emasculates men and drives them to not commit and how to be the irresistible woman that men desire.

  • Simple and tangible techniques and practices to unlock your magnetism and how to create the love that you desire in 2017.

  • The exact communication you need to inspire men to serve you, communicate your desires so that all of your desires are met and leave men feeling like the hero.

  • The secret to feeling radiant even in times of stress so that you are the woman that men crave.

  • Understanding and utilizing sexual polarity in dating and relationships.



Understanding The Modern Man


  • Are you tired of feeling misunderstood by men?

  • Are you done feeling frustrated trying to figure out what men meanwhen they say certain things?

  • Do you feel like you are the one who does everything or else you get nothing from men?

  • Imagine feeling completely understood by men to the point where he is excited to serve your desires. Imagine knowing exactly what to do and say so that you take him off of the defensive and he actually opens up to you!

  • Imagine knowing a comfortable, easy way to flirt and playfully communicate so that he sees you as irresistible.




The Art of Feminine Magnetism ($147)

Understanding the Modern Man ($147)

Magnetizing Men and Money ($97)

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For a more in-depth at home course check out my 8 week course Confidently Radiant.