After just two calls, I have hit my first $5,000 month!

Just a few weeks ago when I had my first sessions with Lauren, I was charging low rates and working with nearly twenty clients per month. I had extreme burnout. I had to work 12 hours a day plus sneak in checking my email and trying to do admin and marketing tasks on the weekends. I felt like I couldn’t charge as much as others in my industry or ever hope for the success they had. 

After just two calls, I have hit my first $5,000 month!! I spent months on my own trying to hit $3,000 and $4,000 dollar months and felt like it was impossible for me. Lauren helped me realize after our first call where my skillset was and we put together a package that I was so excited to sell and that would have me working with two clients a month to EXCEED my income goal. 

My favorite part about working with Lauren is she really gets what it’s like. She connects to your fears and moves you through them. She is amazing at leading a conversation that takes you from fearful and overwhelmed to calm and ready. I can’t wait for out next few months working together. If this is what she can help me do after just a few call, we must have big things in store! 

Taylor Manning 


Marketing Strategy & Web Design


Heather Rebecca Wilson
Mindset Coach for Creative Entrepreneurs 





Sherina Mayani

Life and Business Coach



Lauren has given me so much more than I could have paid her. Her insights are genuine, gentle and inspiring.

"Hiring a coach was a new endeavor for me back in August. I went into it hopeful and wondering at the same time. If you are a woman feeling like you've done everything by the book and you’ve prided yourself on your work ethic, then listen up! This was me.  You will learn that the necessary tools are internal insights. Lauren will walk you thru on how to find them. With her support you'll also refine them and use them in situations you would have never guessed on your own. I went into the coaching to help my business, but I have elevated my family relationships too. About two months into my time with Lauren I felt a definite change inside of me. I felt alive, refreshed, and confident that my business was in alignment; and sure enough, I started seeing evidence of expansion in my business and personal life. Here's the exciting part- I wasn't chasing it. The expansion was coming to me!
You may be having this conversation with yourself about, “is it worth it?!” When really you are putting everything up for risk if you don’t do this for yourself. That’s what I realized. If you want different results, then you’ve got to take different action.
Lauren has given me so much more than I could have paid her. Her insights are genuine, gentle and inspiring. What she helps you learn will be an eternal gift. You will love your time with her!"
-Erron Sherwood

"I gained clarity and confidence in my business and my life"
"Working with Lauren over 90 days provided me with the jumpstart and support that I needed to gain clarity and confidence in my business and my life. Our weekly meetings helped me to plan and focus on my goals for the week while ensuring that I was propelling my work forward. Lauren is extremely skilled at getting to the heart of your desires and helping you to bring yourself into alignment with them. I can't recommend Lauren highly enough if you want to make lasting and positive changes in your work, in your relationships, and in your life."
                                 - Rachel Johnson, Success Coach

My coaching sessions with Lauren are unbelievably helpful, practical, and insightful.  Lauren holds a space of love, compassion and nonjudgment as I work through my beliefs and fears.  She provides helpful tools to help me shift my beliefs, and practical action steps to overcome my fears so that I may move forward on my goals.  She also helps me go deeper with my beliefs and fears so that I can see what lies underneath them and get to the root of my issues.  I have learned so much about myself through my work with her; each session with Lauren is insightful and allows me to expand into more of my true self.  As I build my business and work on my creations, I cannot imagine moving forward without bouncing ideas off of Lauren to ensure that I am on the right path. - Alyssa Johnson, Entrepreneur