Unapologetic and Sexy VIP Event

A Day of Luxury and Transformation.

If you are here then chances are you want to be the most unapologetic version of yourself, AND you want to deeply own your sexiness, feeling safe and comfortable in your body.

Well, gorgeous, I have just the thing!

I know you are going through your life feeling deflated, flat, and disconnected.

You have the success, you have a good life, you should be happy.

But you aren’t.

You have done the work, gone to therapy, you work on being more positive in your life and you have read a ton of the self help and relationship book.

But still -

You don’t truly have the relationship that you desire, and you just aren’t owning fully who you are.

You also don’t want to waste months in a course, and you do much better with a deep dive and in person!

I get it! This entire event has been created to give you the in person, in depth transformational experience that you desire. And do it in a glamorous, luxurious location.

In the heart of South Beach Miami on November 29 I will be leading you and a small intimate group of other women through fully embodying your natural sexiness, learning how to be fully expressed, and becoming the woman that men show up for!

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This 1 day event will:

Leave you feeling rejuvenated, recharged and excited.

Show you how to connect to your body, feel more feminine and sexy AND how to do it all in a way that is natural to you.

Show you how to flirt in a way that turns you on - AND inspires men more into their masculine.

Help you heal your relationship with men so that you become the woman that men want to show up for!

Leave you with the exact tools and practices so that Unapologetic and Sexy becomes your new baseline.

Give you a depth of sisterhood and high level coaching unlike anything else!

Whats included:

  • Full Day event (light refreshments, lunch and a cocktail party included).

  • 10 days of private access to me post event.

  • Follow up call post event.


Lifetime access to Unapologetically Sexy 4 week course ($497 value)


1 time payment $997

Use code: VIP for $200 off before November 11.


2 payments of $505

Use code: VIP2 for $200 off before November 11.