The successful woman's course on tapping in and turning on THEIR radiance, owing their confidence and captivating any man they desire.


  • Do you feel like you have everything in your life except the love that you want?

  • Are you ready to step into your confidence?

  • Are you ready to stop doing life alone, and feel like you have a partner who is fully committed, supportive and desires to be with you?

  • Do you crave feeling desirable as the amazing woman that you are?

  • You know full well it isn't you, you are a catch.....well, you used to think so, but you are starting to wonder now....

  • Are you ready to move from lack luster to feeling radiant and irresistible in a matter of weeks?


I know that how much you desire a deep passionate love life you feel like you aren't attracting the men that you desire.  You know that you are a catch but why can't they seem to see it too?

You have put so much energy into your career and success and while you have come a long way, there is still this desire, this ache in your heart for partnership, to be seen, to be loved.


Your radiance is the key to attraction, to commitment and to longevity in a relationship.  And in order to be the most radiant version of yourself you are going to need some new tools and a new approach to life.

Many women spend their entire lives without even touching their radiance.  They spend their lives giving up on their desires, settling for less than they want and deserve, and over giving to the point of never feeling fulfilled.

But that doesn't have to be your story.  You do not have to be yet another woman who hasn't accessed her power, and lives an unlived life.


But it is going to take a change in perspective and new tools.

And while I have the tools for you - this was not information that I was born with in fact I spent most of my life feeling the EXACT opposite.


I was always invisible to men.

I was never asked out, I had no idea how to flirt. I felt so self conscious and ashamed of my body.  I did everything to cover myself up.

I assumed that men did not find me attractive but I did succeed academically. So I decided that I would derive my confidence from my intelligence and what I accomplished. 

I finally got a boyfriend – a guy I had liked for years before we got together.  When we finally started dating talk about a dream come true! I was NOT going to mess this up. And let me tell you – I did everything I could or at least everything that I thought I should do to be the best girlfriend possible.

I put his needs first, I shrunk down to fit into what I thought he wanted.  All the while I still felt unattractive.  My emotional needs weren’t met but I felt like I should just be ‘lucky’ that I finally have a boyfriend.

One day I decided to ‘spice things up’ and push myself outside of my comfort zone. I bought lingerie and mustered up all of the confidence that I could muster and put on this sexy outfit.

When I came out of the room he said….

“what are you doing?” with this appalled look on his face “I have no idea why you put that on”

I was mortified.  I was ashamed that I thought I could be sexy. And I shut down.

There it was – proof - I was NOT attractive.

I continued to push myself professionally and I built my life and confidence around that. I pushed, I worked hard, I worked for greatness.  And I achieved.


Then one day my dad died.  The loss shook me to my core and had me reexamine my life.

I was burnt out, unfulfilled and unhappy. The striving, the pushing, the achieving left me anything but happy. I kept trying to cover up how unhappy I was with more work, more accomplishments and telling myself I didn't need anything more, I was a strong independent woman.

I had to do something differently, so I found a new way of living.  A new way of being one that was centered around pleasure, ease,  and surrender. It was so out of my comfort zone but I tried it.  To my surprise it honestly felt like what I had been missing my entire life.

Not only was I happier – but men found me irresistible.

They would run to open doors for me, ask me out, tell me I was beautiful.  It felt like a twilight zone!

In fact I was at an event with over 100 women and I had a man pick me out of all of the women and tell me that he noticed me the second that he walked in and he couldn’t take my eyes off of me.

This was the power and confidence that I had been searching for my entire life.  I finally found it! But not through professional success, through BEING a woman. I became obsessed with learning more about being magnetic, what men truly craved and living from a place of pleasure. 

I felt powerful, sexy, desired and more importantly I knew I wanted to help other women feel this level of magnetism.

I know that not everyone can take the dive into private coaching and I wanted to give you a way to step into your magnetism which is why I created


Confidently Radiant.

Claim your confidence, turn up your radiance and captivate any man.

This 8 week self- study course will help you move from feeling invisible and undesirable to stepping into the most radiant version of yourself.


What is included:

  • 6 training modules

  • 3 Q&A calls

  • Private Online community for continues support and accountability

  • BONUS training Unlock your Natural Flirt ($500 value)



Payment options

 8 bi-weekly payments of $138

1 time payment of $997


Bonus Training



Payment options:

8 bi-weekly payments of $138

1 payment Of $997


Is this course for single women or women in a relationship?

This course is for any woman.  Relationship status has no bearing on the content.  This content is geared to YOU as a woman.  Any information that will be delivered about men Lauren will go into what to do if you are single or what to do if you are in a relationship. 



What if I am not sure this fits into my schedule?

You will have lifetime access to this training materials.  Therefore if you can not watch each module per week so can space it out in a way that feels amazing for you. And let's face it - there is never a perfect time to make some changes in your life, the question is how much do you want to be the woman who is confidently radiant.


How will I know that this will work for me?

Of course there are no guarantees however if you follow the tools and exercises you will see a shift.  And a shift is usually all it takes for you to stay committed and continue to turn up your radiance.


What can I expect in terms of a time commitment?

Each module will be about 30 minutes of training and a workbook.  This will take an hour at most to complete both.

The Q&A calls are 1 hour in length (pre-recorded).

You can be in the online community as much or as little as you desire.


How individualized is this course?

You can receive individual support on the calls and in the online community.  Depending on how much support you desire you can receive as much as you need.


What are the ways that I can invest in this program?

I have created two different ways to invest in this program.  You can chose to pay it all at 1 time, however I wanted to make this program as accessible as possible.  So I also have a 3 month payment plan.



Payment Options

8 bi-weekly payments of $138

1 payment of $997

Imagine having the summer of your life full of love and magnetism. Imagine never having to worry about "how to get a date" or even "does he find me attractive" imagine being so confident in your ability to be radiant and captivate.

You will emerge from this course feeling more irresistible, confident and believing that you can have the love that you desire.

So if you are ready to emerge as the most radiant version of yourself and own your confidence this is your chance.

This program is the perfect combination of new information and tangible steps to

8 biweekly payments of $138

1 payment of$997