FeminineEmbodimentPracive Bundle .jpg

Hey Gorgeous!

You have already come to realize just how important being in your Feminine truly is.

You have seen what happens when you live in your masculine, the overwhelm, the disconnection, the lack of desire and fun, the distance between you and your partner. You burn out more easily, over analyze everything and become very critical of yourself.

But HOW the heck do you as a modern busy woman connect to your Feminine on a regular basis?!

Well! I have put together my ALL TIME favorite Feminine Embodiment practices! And! They are all under 20 minutes long.

This bundle includes:

  • Connect to the Power of your Breasts in a Breast Massage

  • Pussy Breathing to Rewire your connection to your power source

  • 5 Minute Feminine Radiance Meditation

  • Feel Safe to Be Sexy

  • Allow Yourself to be Sexy and be Seen

  • Through the eyes of my lover exercise

  • My Most Feminine Radiant Self Meditation

And 2 bonus practices!

  • The Diamond Walk to help you instantly drop into your body

  • Unleash Your Wild Sexy Self.

 This bundle is the ULTIMATE resource to help you create a regular Feminine Embodiment Practice.

Get the entire bundle for just $197