Hey Gorgeous!

On of the things that almost every single woman asks me is -

“How do I stay in my Feminine when it comes to my relationship?”

A lot of women have heard of or know about the Feminine, or have heard about it - and know it is something that they want but have NO idea what it really means, and more importantly HOW to do it.

And the truth is this idea of the Feminine can be pretty esoteric.

Is it my emotions? My body? Do I need to wear a dress and pink?!

Do I have to wear a flower crown and hug a tree?

And then you think - but that isn’t me! I have spent my entire life trying NOT to be emotional. I pride myself on my independence, my success, my power. That seems like the opposite of everything that I have tried to create - maybe I don’t need the Feminine.

And then you miss all of the signs……

Not being connected to and living from your Feminine leads you to

Feel low key angry, resentful, unfulfilled, disconnected and burnt out.

You continue to strive and push yourself more and more thinking that will make you finally feel enough or fulfilled but it never does the trick.

Most importantly you are just not getting what you want in love. You are the one taking the lead or taking care. You are the one over giving or over delivering and you feel like if you stop things won’t work. And for my single ladies you are probably avoiding dating, or just completely underwhelmed by the prospects that come your way.

When you LIVE from your Feminine life shifts.

You stop reacting to everything, feeling victim to circumstances and staying in the same cycles that are not getting you anywhere and you move into

  • Creating what you desire.

  • Feeling DESIRE in and out of the bedroom.

  • Having men show up in their masculine.

  • Feeling fulfilled on a deep cellular level.

  • Being radiant - the kind of radiance that you can’t fake with the best high ligher in town.


  • You feel completely in your power, confident and bold.

  • And so much more.

I truly believe that EVERY single woman on this planet needs to learn how to live from her Feminine (or I like to call it your TRUEST ESSENCE - whatever that means and looks like for you).

And so after almost 7 years of living, breathing, eating this every single day and helping women all over the world embody their Feminine I have put together the most incredible 3 part training -

Unleash Your Feminine Power in Love Bundle.

The Unleash Your Feminine Power in Love 3 part training.

You will learn:

  • What the Feminine is and isn’t.

  • Why you have been so against being in your feminine.

  • What is the masculine energy and why do you keep attracting men who aren’t fully in their masculine.

  • Why being in your feminine energy can seem scary.

  • HOW to shift into your Feminine. - and no you don’t have to wear a flower crown unless you want!

  • How to move from a state of burn out and depletion into a state of true fulfillment.

  • The gateway into the feminine - and why you likely haven’t heard it before.

  • Why the Feminine is so alluring for the masculine.

  • How the Feminine allows your partner (or potential partner) to step fully into his masculine.

  • How being in your feminine changes the dynamic in love IN YOUR FAVOR! Meaning you move out of being the "‘mother or maid” and into being the Goddess or Queen that you were always meant to be!

  • And so much more!

This 3 part training is some of the BEST content that I have ever created - especially training number 3!

I have packaged it up for you JUST for this weekend and then the price is going to be $497.

And! Because I want you to feel so sexy, confident and bold I have included my

2 part training of Seductress Secrets!

This breaks down everything that you need to know to connect to your inner Seductress, and how to do it in a way that feels natural and comfortable for you!

Seductress Secrets is a $297 value!

Because I love you and this topic so much I have also added the

Sex Goddess Meditation ($97 value).

This guided meditation will help you step into your bold, unapologetic Sex Goddess!

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