Hey Gorgeous!

You’re here because you want to drop into your body, you want a deeper connection to yourself, and honestly you just want better sex.

You already take care of yourself in so many ways, and you know that this is an area of your life and your body that you desire to take care of as well.

You have heard about the jade egg, maybe you even have one but let’s face it - it is near impossible with everything else that you have going on in life to have a regular practice. You have tried to commit to a regular practice because you really want the benefits of this tool but you continually meet resistance, you aren’t sure if you are doing it right, and sometimes things come up and you just let it stop you from committing to this desire.

Or maybe you haven’t ever used the Jade Egg but you have been desiring to - and you don’t want to do it on your own. You know that you do better when you have someone holding you accountable, where you can ask questions and where things are laid out for you.

You have been thinking about this for awhile, or you just heard about it, either way there is a deep desire to do this. You may not even fully understand it but you know that this is something you want to try.

And yes the fear and resistance will come up….

Isn’t this frivolous to invest in this?

Will this really help me?

How can I make sure that I will actually do it?

Should I tell my partner/husband?

What if it doesn’t work for me?

Is this weird? I don’t think I should need this - no one else I know needs this.

And any other ideas or limiting beliefs coming up.

Let’s go into what the Jade Egg really is and calm some of those fears.

The Jade Egg is from the Taoist tradition - while there is no scientific research there is just thousands of years of tradition and practice behind it. ;).

The Jade Egg is a small egg size piece of jade that is inserted into the vaginal canal (and no don’t worry it won’t get lost in there).

And with the egg inside you do pelvic floor exercises.

No - this is not your mother’s kegels. This is a more elevated more effective way to work your pelvic floor than kegels.

Some of the physical benefits:

  • Improving prolapse

  • Improving incontinence

  • Healing the vaginal canal post birth

  • Clearing up chronic yeast infections and/or UTIs

  • Increasing natural lubrication

  • Increasing libido

  • Healing pain during sex

  • Increasing sensation during sex

  • Increasing the strength, length and frequency of orgasm

Other benefits

  • Healing and clearing emotions in your body and in your vaginal canal (yes we store emotions there).

  • Feeling more connected to your body

  • Feeling a deeper sense of self love

  • Feeling more confident and in love with your body.

  • Increased energy and sense of aliveness.

  • Increased feeling of sexiness, radiance and feeling desirable.

  • Blowing a man’s mind - increased satisfaction for him during sex.

The truth is if you are willing to invest in yourself with other exercise and self care this is a no brainer.

Not only are the physical benefits incredible but if you have been looking for a way to have a regular practice of connecting to yourself in a deeper way this is it.

And the 30 day container is the PERFECT way to help you create a regular practice with a certified practitioner - which there is no other way to use the jade egg.

Yes you can purchase the egg but if you do not work with a certified practitioner you will NOT receive the benefits that you desire.

So 30 days to receive incredible exclusive (you won’t see these anywhere else) practices with daily support and accountability to help you when resistance comes up.

This is THE tool to a better sex life.

Your partner will thank you - mine does - all. of. the. time. ;) ;) In fact he is one of my biggest supports of this, and constantly tells women how important it is, and how much he enjoys the benefits as well!

What’s Included:

  • 4 LIVE practices (recorded for future use) All practices are under 15 minutes long.

  • 2 pre-recorded practices. (Feeling Sexy and Being Seen. And Unleash Your Wild Woman).

  • 4 meditations and energy practices.

  • 3 LIVE Q&A calls.

  • 30 days of support and accountability inside of the private group to help you lock into a consistent practice and experience a massive shift.


Sexy Jade Egg Bootcamp (includes 4 practices and 4 energy practices). You receive this upon purchase ($497 Value)

What Men Want in Bed Training ($197 value )

Pay in Full and get a Jade Egg and surprise gift ($75 value)

The 30 days begins on June 4th. You receive access to the Facebook group with the bonus practices immediately.

Enjoy the early bird pricing through June 2. Then the price increases.

1 time payment: $797 (includes Jade Egg and surprise gift).

4 bi-weekly payments of $212

Imagine at the beginning of July feeling more radiant, more alive and more turned on.

Imagine having a regular jade egg practice that gives you energy, vibrancy and helps you have a better sex life.

Imagine feeling so much self love and confidence that it is palpable and expands to all areas of your life.

Join the 30 days of Jade Egg Immersion and you won’t have to imagine - it will be your reality.


1 time payment $797 includes Jade Egg and surprise gift.

4 bi-weekly payments of $212

Already have The Sexy Jade Egg Bootcamp? Upgrade to the Immersion for $397! (must show proof of purchase).


** The Jade Egg is NOT to be used if pregnant