Be Magnetic

Hi Gorgeous! 

I see you. 

You are driven, successful, motivated kicking butt and taking names kind of woman.  You have mastered your business, your professional, your life; you got it all down.  You have reached levels of success that just a short time ago seemed like just a dream.  You have created freedom in your life and finances.  And let's get real; you are playing a big game in this world. 

Yet, mastering all of that has left a lot to be desired when it comes to other areas of your life, especially men.

 Can I get an Amen?!

You find yourself arguing with your man, feeling like that spark has faded. You feel like you are making all of the decisions, initiating everything between the two of you.  You keep asking him to do things for you, yet you feel him push back and you can't seem to understand why he isn't supporting you.  You keep hoping the more money you make, the more success you achieve the better things will feel, but it doesn't happen.  In fact things are feeling lack luster in your life, so you keep focusing on your business but it isn't fulfilling all parts of you. 

And for my single ladies, you feel like you can't even get a date to save your life.  You feel too busy to date, but you desire a partner, a man who sees you and loves you.  You feel like you are driving men away and you aren't sure why.  Plus you keep telling yourself, you are fine right now, you are focusing on your business and THEN you will find a man.  I hate to tell you this, but all that money isn't going to whisper sweet nothings in your ear and tell you that you are the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.  I mean I get it we can all buy flowers for ourselves but don't you want a man who buys them for you?!

You desire to feel taken care of by a man. 

You desire to feel desired.  

You want it all.   

You want to be a bad ass powerhouse and be the woman in your relationship.  


You get the whole professional and business thing, and yet it feels like what has made you successful  is actually hurting your relationships.  

Well you got that right.  

Everything it has taken for you to become successful  has made you unsuccessful with men.  All of the qualities you have come to harness to push forward and make things happen are repellants for drawing in a masculine man. 

Being a powerful woman spans far beyond just rocking it out and being successful by the old standards.  You know it, I know and your man is hoping you realize it soon.  


Look sister, we are on the brink of redefining what it means to be a woman. 


We no longer have to ONLY be the Rosie “We Can Do It” type of woman.  We aren't meant to do it all, be it all, without some help.  But yes! We are most certainly meant to have it all. 


It’s the time to be Cleopatra, meets Sophia Loren, and sprinkle in a little Beyoncé type of woman. 

As a woman you have the natural ability to create, to magnetize and to receive everything that you desire.  

But chances are you haven't been taught how to truly unlock this within yourself.  We aren't taught this from our mothers and we most certainly are not taught this in school.  I mean come on, did you have a "Learn how to be a woman" course?! I sure didn't. 

But I have learned how and I want to show you....

That is where I come in.  I will guide you, just follow my Valentino heels and splash of red lipstick of course. 


 Growing up I loved dresses, dancing and just being a girl.  I remember receiving lots of messages to tone it down.  I remember having a difficult time making friends with other girls, so I turned that joy and light down more and more.   

I went through a period of my life I affectionately name "turtle neck Lauren".  You guessed it I wore mainly turtle necks.  Why?! I was so consumed with body shame and self consciousness that I did everything could to hide it.  Boys looked right past me, I couldn't get dates and so I assumed there was something wrong with me.

I followed what it said to do in magazines, what was modeled for me but still it never really got me what I wanted with boys.  I always felt like I was trying to play a part.  The part of "the irresistible woman". Problem was all of that was pushing men away more.  

I had a wake up call in my mid 20's.  My father died.  I was left not knowing how to manage the emotional landscape but more importantly I was left knowing I wasn't going to waste anymore time in my life; I was striving for happiness and the fullest life possible.  

 I found myself in the world of self development, I was drawn to programs with the results of "fun" and "pleasure".  I mean who in the throws of grief wouldn't pay for some fun?! 

The pull to fun and pleasure had more to do with being pulled to discover parts of myself as a woman that had yet to be awakened.  I learned how to master my emotional landscape but more importantly I learned what it meant to BE a woman. 

I learned and studied that our ability as women is to create, to be irresistible and to magnetize our desires.  This awakened a passion in me to study, learn, and experience how men and women interact and what makes some women so successful with men. 

I realized it wasn't about playing something or someone else.  It was about reawakening that light inside of me that I shut down when I was younger.  It was about unlocking my natural magnetism.  

Now when I go out I have waiters chasing me out of restaurants just to thank me for my presence there, just to see my smile. I am the recipient of free up grades, wine, desserts just because men desire to serve me.  Even recently when I was out I had a man tell me he remembered seeing my months before but was so taken with me he was too afraid to approach me.  The irony of this situation is we went to high school together, he did not remember me from high school (turtleneck Lauren), but he remembered me from a few months previous!

Why?? Because my essence is so magnetic and memorable to men. Trust me this has little to do with how I physically look, I haven't changed that much since high school.   

This isn't about manipulating men, or playing games. And this most certainly is not about becoming passive, submissive or docile.  

This is about unlocking what makes you a WOMAN and using that to draw men (or your man) in!



And best of all, men are DYING for you to have this information. 

You are meant to attract, not 'go get' the love you desire.

So let me break this down a little more for you. 

We are taught and told to go get the guy.  There are so many articles, videos and tips on how to "get men" to do things; commit, as you out, give you presents, support you, run your get the picture. 

But what if I told you it isn't about "getting" anything.  What if it is about attracting in the man, being so irresistible and desirable that he is begging you for commitment? What if it is about being so magnetic that you simple attract everything you desire just by BEING YOURSELF?!

Well my love, that is EXACTLY what it is about.  You just need the right tools.  Oh and guess what I have a whole treasure chest of them for you!  


Let’s open that treasure chest of tools and start working….


Our 6 month journey together will take you struggling with men, feeling unsupported and exhausted to the most irresistible and magnetic version of YOU.


As for the structure of this 6 month program:

  • 1 – 2 hour intensive
  • 12- 45 minute highly customized sessions (2 sessions a month)
  • Unlimited e-mail access to Lauren during the length of the program.
  • Comprehensive Welcome packet.
  • Additional resources.

 What You Can Expect

  • Master your emotional landscape as a woman so that you are always in complete control of how magnetic you are being.  
  • Learn the exact mindset necessary to move from "going out to get" and into attracting in your desires just by being yourself
  • What it means to master your feminine in life, relationships and your business, so that you can become a master at receiving all that is meant for you. 
  • Emerge a woman who IS so confident in her ability to be successful with men that  . 
  • How to navigate all communications with your man so that you can fan that spark once again. 
  • How to be cherished and have him serve your every desire so that you feel like the adored woman you deserve to be. 
  • Learn how to harness the innate tools you have as a woman so that you can invite in more ease, flow and ability to receive.


The real question at this point is, what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to let go struggling with men, love and romance?

Are you ready to be the most irresistible and magnetic version of yourself?!

If the answer is YES, then let’s create some magic.