Hey Gorgeous!

Pull up a seat, grab a cocktail and let’s get to it!


I know that you are a woman on a mission in life; you have a great career or business, you are smart, sassy, put together.  Basically you are the whole package yet something is missing. 

Your life is still a little lackluster; especially in the romance and love department.  No I am not talking about the romantic comedy idea of love I mean that deep, passionate, soul shaking love that you have been longing for. 

You really thought that when you had the job, business, the body, the money, the whatever that Mr. right would waltz in and that would be it.


Yet, you keep trying to make that happen and nothing, nada, zippo.


Well gorgeous, there is 1 reason why that is happening.  You are using all of the skills you have learned to be successful professionally and you are trying to apply it to men.  And you guessed it! You need a different skill set. Scratch that.




This Magnetism Makeover is just that – a jump start into unlocking your magnetism. 


You used to be magnetic, I know you were.  When you were little, and you would play dress up and wear the most mismatched things but you felt beautiful, and you knew there was magic inside of you.


However like every other little girl on the planet you learned not to shine too bright, to turn down that lightAnd you ended up turning the light off.  Trying to lead your life based on your accomplishments, status and intelligence.  But you know, and I know that isn’t working to pull in your man.


Now, I am not saying that you can’t be smart or you need to hide your accomplishments; quite the opposite.  In fact those ENHANCE your magnetism. 




But first you gotta get your magnetism turned back on!


That is why I created this makeover! It is like stopping at your fav make up counter and getting a whole new look! You will leave our time together feeling like you are completely unstoppable in life AND you will learn how to be as successful with men as you are in your professional life.


This 3 hour intensive is a deep dive into what exactly is holding you back from bringing in the man you desire; as well as a look at how to be more magnetic in all areas of your life. 


During the intensive dive into 2 of these areas:


  • Mastering the exact language to make you irresistible to men so that you can have a man giving you your every desire.
  • Mastering your Magnetic Mindset so that you become a match for the high quality man that you desire and can easily pull him in.
  • Learn the flirting basics so that you can have any man you desire approach you and ask you out.
  • Unlock your magnetic confidence so that you can attract in everything you desire quicker and with more ease.
  • Become a money magnet so that you can create even more wealth and freedom in your life. 
  • Unlock your untapped superpower of receiving so that you can bring in even more in life and love.


This deep dive is one of the most powerful things that you can do for yourself.  Many women have a problem receiving.  But if you are the kind of woman who desire to have a man’s support and love in your life, you must start ALLOWING yourself to receive.  This Magnetic Makeover is the best way to start that process.


Here is what’s included:


  • Intensive welcome packet so that we can dive right into the intensive ($200 value)
  • 3 hour intensive ($2000 value)
  • 30 minute follow up call within 30 days after the session ($350 value)
  • Email support between intensive and follow up call ($500 value)
  • The Seduction of Business Course; learn what men and money have in common and how to be a magnet to both.  ($500 value)


That is a $4000 package but from now until September 1st you can gift yourself this package for only $1500!


It is time for you to reignite the magnetism that has been inside of you all along. 


Are you ready to become the woman who has it all in life and love? The woman who is killing it professionally, has financial freedom AND has a loving, devoted and supportive man?!


Grab your Makeover and allow yourself to receive it all!