Hey Gorgeous

Wow! The year is just about over, and I don’t know about you but 2018 has been a whirlwind of a year.

And I wanted to take advantage of the new year energy that is upon us.

I know that you are a woman with big goals in your life, you have big desires and quite franly your life and desires probably look different than those around you.

They most certainly look different than your family, and what you were taught.

And that is because you have the makings of being A Magnetic Woman. A woman who is the first in her life to really change the patterns, create the life that you desire and really live from a space of pleasure.

One thing about being a Magnetic Woman is that you need to know how to, and be confident in your ability to manifest.

Manifesting isn’t some magic spell, or a wish, it is a way of life.

What it really means is being so clear in your desires, so confident in your ability to have them and then having the strength to surrender and the discipline to receive.

In this 10 day course I am going to walk you through my 5 step manifesting process to help you manifest anything and everything that you desire.

The course begins January 3.

Pre work starts on December 30.


Pre- work journaling prompts to help you really digest 2018 to open you up to more good.

10 days of content, journaling prompts, and exercises to help you master the ability to manifest.

2 LIVE trainings

Private Facebook Group

Value $497


A vision boarding exercise to help you create the most epic 2019 vision board.

Manifest Your Desires Embodiment Practice

Course is only $97!

Early Bird Bonus until December 30:

New Years Ritual ($297 value) - release, shed and get the lessons from the past, as you step into the woman who creates what she wants for the year ahead. This ritual can also be used at any new moon, new month, or any time of transition.