Hey Gorgeous!

If you are like most women you are have been stuck in the “just enough” paradox.

Let me explain -

You go back and forth from feeling not enough, over giving, over compensating, lacking confidence and trust in yourself to worrying that you are far too much, that your desires are too big, that you can’t be too sexy or too hapy.

This just enough paradox is keeping you in a place of stagnation, suffocation, and unhappiness.

But it isn’t your fault.

Not at all, in fact you are actually the “good girl” that has followed the rules. You have listened to society, to the culture, to your family and even to your religion that has led you to think that if you are good enough (but not too much) you will be blessed with what you want.

The only problem is that when you actually take some time and space to be clear on what you want it is SO much more than what you see.

Then the fear of HOW the hell is this meant to happy creeps in and you just shift back into the “just enough” space.

Because it seems safer, eventhough you continually feel suffocating like you KNOW you aren’t being who you are meant to be.

You have done it in all areas of your life.

Being afraid to be clear on your desires because they are far too much.

Now allowing your emotions to flow because for sure your emotions are too much, and you will appear to be crazy or the emotions will over take you.

Not allowing yourself to fill your life with pleasure for the fear that the other shoe will drop.

Stifling your sexiness and your flirtation because you don’t want to be seen as “that” kind of woman and if you are too sexy than somehow you will be unsafe.

Not truly asking for what you want in love because you don’t want to be needy, or too much, or find out that the other person can’t actually give you what you want.

And my favorite - that if you become too successful, too powerful, too abundant I will lose the people that are close to me.

We all have the fears of being too much and how if we are this will negatively impact who we are, how we are perceived and how much love we will have in our lives.

But the truth is that this “just enough”, or even “good girl” paradigm was created by the Patriarchy to keep women in line, to keep us disconnected from our true power and to keep the Feminine out of our lives.

The world NEEDS you to step into you Too Much-ness.

This is the ONLY way that you will be able to lead at work and in your life.

You big desires is what you partner needs in order to become who they were always meant to be, your kids need in order to grow into the people that they are meant to be.

Your friends need to see you owning your Too Much as permission for them to do it as well.

You need to be massively successful and wildly abundant so that you can live the life that you desire and impact the people that you are meant to.

You need to own your Too Much Sexiness in order to feel fully expressed and to feel alive and vibrant in the way that you were meant to.

This is why I have created:

The Queen of Too Much!

The epic 6 week course to help you step out of just enough, breakthrough your comfort zone and own who you were always meant to be.

This is going to be the most FUN 6 week course that you have ever taken!

What’s included:

  • 6 Weekly Modules

  • 4 LIVE Q&A calls

  • 6 Weekly Embodiment Practices

  • 6 Weekly Meditations

  • 3 Breathwork practices

  • Private Facebook group with daily access to me.

  • Lifetime access to all of the content.

  • Regular activities and assignments to help you expand into owning your “too much-ness”.


  • 3 breathwork practices to help you set your entire system to feeling safe, loved and blike you belong WHILE you Own your Too Much - ness. (value $500)

  • How to always go from good to better training (Value $250) - ever feel like you self sabotage or create drama to go from bad to good, and then get stuck in that loop or cycle?! The Feminine believes in going from Good - to Better and that there is no upper limit. This training will teach you how to break through upper limits, stop self sabotaging and allow your life to get better and better everyday.

During the 6 weeks we will cover

  1. Owning Your Outrageous Desires

    in order to own your Too Much-ness you must truly be clear on what you want. The majority of women have no idea what they want because we have been trained to not follow our desires. The first week we are peeling back the layers for you to get clarity on your most outrageous desires.

  2. Own Your Emotions -

    how many times have you stopped yourself before becoming emotional, or stifling how you felt just to find yourself exploding at a later date?! Learn my process to Alchemize your emotions so that not only do you never have to stifle your emotions but you can use anything that you are experiencing to take you higher.

  3. Refill Your Pleasure Tank -

    Pleasure if the lifeblood of the Feminine. You have been stuck in doing, working, over giving, doing it yourself, and pushing forward. All of this has led to depletion, being unfulfilled, resentment, and a disconnection from yourself. And you have been living under the thought that the more good will eventually lead to the other shoe dropping. It is time to rewire this and refill your pleasure tank to bring you to a space of vibrancy and deep connection to yourself.

  4. I’m Too Sexy -

    Being and feeling sexy is a HUGE area where you shut down. You worry that it isn’t ok, safe, professional, motherly, acceptable, fill in the blank for you to be sexy. That if you own your sexiness and your flirtation that you will be unsafe, attract unwanted attention, or even be seen as less valuable somehow. But it is through owning your bold, wild, sexy self that you own your personal power and self expression This actually makes you more safe, more respected and more loved.

  5. Love on Top -

    How many times have you not asked for what you wanted, have you catered to the other person because you felt like it was easier. Become the woman who asks for everything that she wants in love from her Feminine. Be the woman who knows how to seduce, and create intimacy from a space of safety and love within yourself.

  6. Success, Power, and Abundance

    A huge fear for driven and successful women like you is that if you are too successful, too powerful, or have the abundance that you desire that you will be alone. You will alienate yourself from your friends, your family or your partner. It is TIME for you to create a sense of feeling safe in having the success and abundance that you desire!

And look, I get it! I am a reformed “good girl” who spent her entire life trying to be just enough as to not make too many other people uncomfortable.

I would constantly shrink down what I wanted, or what I needed in order to not ask for “too much”.

But the truth is that I am TOO MUCH! And I fucking love it.

And everyone around me benefits from me being who I am!

And I want that for you too!

We begin October 2nd with pre-work starting on the September 29

When you enroll before September 24 you save $500 under the early bird pricing.

Early Bird pricing is $997

2 monthly payments of $550

3 monthly payments of $367

** For the women who enroll Before September 20th (the 24 hour club) you receive a Private Coaching session with me worth over $500! The Universe and I reward fast action takers ;) **