This Digital Download will help you feel more in your body, more sexy and help you to Unlock your feminine power.


Hi Gorgeous!


If you landed here than I know that you are curious about the Jade Egg!

Well- I can most certainly say that this little tool has been one of the most life changing aspects of the work that I have done.

The Jade Egg is also known as the Yoni Egg - and it is used to help improve pelvic floor health but it is oh so much more than that.

The Jade Egg comes from thousands of years of tradition and women have used it for:

  • Improving pelvic floor health

  • Improving prolapse

  • Improving incontinence

  • Clearing up chronic UTIs

  • Clearing up chronic yeast infections

  • Increasing libido

  • Increasing lubrication

  • Feeling more radiant and vibrant

  • Increase ability to orgasm

  • Increasing strength and frequency of orgasm

  • Healing trauma

  • Loving your body more

  • Feeling more confident and sexy.

  • And so much more.


In this Digital Download you will get 4 energy practice and 4 jade egg practices all under 10 minutes long


  • The Goddess of Pleasure

  • Release and recharge

  • Unleash Your Sexiness

  • Unlock Your Feminine Power


During this practices you will connect to your sexual energy learn how to increase the pleasure that you feel in your body and release stuck emotion, conditioning and trauma.


Upon purchase you get instant access to the practices and I walk you through exactly how to start working with the jade egg, and how to get the most from this digital download.


Purchase the Sexy Jade Egg Bootcamp $497

Or purchase it for 5 bi-weekly payments of $101


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