The private mentorship for THE leader, THE visionary and The influencer.

Hey Gorgeous!

I am so excited that you are here!

I know you are here because you are the top of the top when it comes to women in this world.

You are here because you are the woman who always wants more, who never settles and who is ready for more.

You are strong, independent, powerful, and a visionary. You have always felt a little different.

You are the high level woman who has already created so much in her life, you do life by your own rules and now you are ready for that next level, that next expansion, and you know that while you want to see your love life shift it is about so much more than just that.

While you look at your love life and well it leaves something to be desired - maybe it is NO WHERE near what you want, or you just have the deeper knowing that there is more available.

And yet you know that what you desire will require MORE of you - it will require you to be so fully yourself, and so fully UNLEASHED.

This goes beyond just wanting your love life to be better - this is about BEING the most UNLEASHED version of yourself and you realize that in order to do that you MUST embrace and celebrate your sensuality and sexuality.

You are the visionary inside of your relationship (present or future)- let’s face it you are the visionary in ALL areas of your life - but for some reason or another you have not been leading with your vision inside of love.

You have let your vision fall to the bottom of the list, because it makes sense to put your focus on your career, your health, your finances. You are looking at what is happening as an indication of what is available. You have old stories holding you back, fear of unleashing your full desires, fears of always being alone, and more leading you right now.

But deep down you know that by abandoning your vision within your relationship you are also abandoning your greater vision.

It’s time…

Time to UNLEASH yourself.

You don’t need a mindset course, you don’t need to read a book, you want to practical tools, the shift in your BEING to be the woman who is fully unleashed, fully unapologetic in who you are, in your sexiness and in how powerful you are - especially in love.

You have done so much work on yourself already and yet there is still this deeper feeling that you aren’t fully showing up, you aren’t being your full self - especially in love.

And it makes sense!! As women all that we have been taught is to fit in, to ask for permission, to not make waves, to shut down our radiance, our sensuality, our sexuality. And while you have shifted this in so many areas already the the uncharted territory is your sensuality and sexuality.

Which makes sense because by most accounts this is STILL taboo - still something that we see as wrong to focus on, wrong to want to shift and really if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, and even if it is broke still probably don’t fix it - just suck it up and accept it.

But you have never let the taboo, the uncharted terriroty or other people’s judgement stop you, and you won’t certainly let that stop you now because….

You want to be fully EMBODIED in your Feminine Essence.

And let’s face it - there is no one better to teach this to you because I have spent the last 6 years LIVING this. I have studied with the world’s greatest masters and done things that aren’t even appropriate to mention here to deeply embody a woman who is fully UNLEASHED.

You want the 1 on 1 attention because you either do not show up for courses, or know that what works best for you is personalized high level support.

And, yes there are some pieces that your logical mind wants to work on -

  • Your confidence in your desires

  • Shifting a lack of worthiness, deserving and/or receiving

  • Embracing and celebrating yours sensuality and sexuality

  • Putting PLEASURE and Turn On as a priority in your life.

  • Healing your relationship with men so that you can truly love and appreciate the masculine.

  • Confidence in being the FULLEST expression of who you are in ALL areas of your life.

  • Tools to create a conscious, PASSIONATE partnership.

  • Feeling sexy and unapologetic in your Feminine Essence.

But more importantly you just KNOW. You know deep down in your soul that this is where you are meant to go next.

You want to go beyond just the practical, you want to marry them with shifting on a cellular level, having this be your new baseline, your new normal.

You want to LIVE from being UNLEASHED.

This is about a primal recoding.

This goes beyond you just shifting your mindset, or “claiming your desires”. This isn’t about flow it is about letting the parts of you out that have been kept inside of a box, that have been shut down to make others comfortable, or that you have dulled because you have been afraid of what would happen.

This is you not just coming back to your true essence as a woman, but being the most outrageous and unapologetic version of yourself.

You don’t tend to see what you want in the world around you - so you create it. And it is time to be the leader in this area as well.

You already know if this is something that you desire, the “specifics” of what is included matter less to you than the transformation that you are looking for.

Although the specifics are freaking amazing!! ;)

  • Including unlimited coaching and access.

  • A 6 month container to create a NEW way of being.

  • Combining breathwork, tantra, jade egg, practical tools and more to create an UNLEASHing on a cellular level.

  • IN Person work with me.

  • and More!

You are ready to step into the UNLEASHED version of yourself….. you have been ready.

If you are ready - email Lauren at lauren@themagneticwoman.com or PM me on my personal Facebook with WHY you are ready to be UNLEASHED, and WHY now is the time for you to UNLEASH yourself.



P.S. Want a smaller deep dive? Email for information on Unleashed - the intensive.