Why I Do Not Trust Male Dating Advice

Hi Gorgeous!

It has been awhile! Other parts of my business were taking me away from posting regular blogs - but I am back!

I know you are probably like I used to be - where you look to a lot of male dating coaches for insight on how men think, but more importantly how to get the relationship that you desire.


I used to only listen to male dating coaches because I thought “well I want to attract in a man, and they will be able to tell me exactly what men want!”


And of course this is solid logic and true to an extent the reality is what you want is not going to come from a male dating coach.


Let’s look past a lot of their bs bro marketing, fear based stuff for a second and look at the fact that this is a man.  And he wired for “if its not broke don’t fix it”.


And let’s face facts ladies – the Patriarchy has been working for men! IN a lot of their minds the system isn’t broken.  They have been getting everything they want (or really what they “think” they want) for centuries.


And the majority of them have NEVER met a woman who deeply owns and celebrates her Feminine and her Sexual Essence in the way that a Magnetic Woman does.


So if he has never met a woman who embodies her feminine, and has obviously never had to learn how to embody his feminine as a woman – how the hell is he supposed to lead you to what you want?!


The current system of love and dating isn’t and has not been working for women for a LONG time.


The belief that we have to do certain things to get a person to like us.  That we have to put our desires, needs and wants second to our partner or potential partner.  That the man is the one who leads the relationship.

That a man is the one who is going to come in and know how to give us the experience of soul  shaking pleasure without you knowing or owning your own pleasure.

The way that we have been taught to fear and hate our sexual essence and in turn lack a sense of personal power and trust within ourselves.


The reality is that a NEW paradigm is being created an YOU are leading it!


Yes you, and every other Empowered Woman across the globe.


The truth is that the Feminine is the leader inside of the relationship. {mic drop}


We are the ones with the VISION, the DESIRES and the Emotional Intelligence to lead us into deeper and intimacy and connection. 


But you can ONLY do that if you are owning and celebrating your Feminine Power and your Sexual Essence – which let’s face it are one in the same.


Yes male dating coaches can teach you how to phrase things to be more alluring to a man – but chances are those texts and phrases are slightly manipulative.  When a woman fully owns her sexual essence she can say anything and it is alluring to the masculine.

The Feminine has the power to cut through the bs of the masculine, to call the masculine into a higher sense of its own power, and a higher sense of truth.


THAT is the kind of love that you desire.  A love that is constantly evolving, is full of passion and continually grows into deeper connection and intimacy.


That kind of love ONLY comes from you being in your full and unapologetic power as a woman.  And you have to find the permission to BE that from inside of yourself. 


What the masculine truly craves is you to be in your FULLEST Unapologetic Power.  But he can’t lead you there, you have to do it yourself.





P.S. If you want to be a woman who is Fully Unleashed this is your invitation to apply to work with me privately.  Email me at lauren@themagneticwoman.com and let me know WHY you ar ready to be Fully Unleashed.