The Magnetic Woman Manifesto!

Hey Gorgeous!!

I am so excited to do this blog post for you.

This is something that I have been wanting to give to my community for months now.

When I first created The Magnetic Woman brand I knew to my core that this was more than just a catchy brand or a cute name.

The Magnetic Woman IS the new archetype for the modern woman. It is the combination of power, successful, independence and femininity, sensuality and being empowered sexually.

I also know that the woman who are drawn to my community tend to be highly intelligent, very successful and we all tend to live in our heads. So being woman who lives from your body, pleasure and Pussy requires us to be diligent on connecting to our feminine.

And when I thought about what I wanted to really put out into the world, and to really help the women inside of my community connect to each other I decided to create…..

The Magnetic Woman Manifesto!!

A Magnetic Woman is a woman who takes radical responsibility for her life and knows that she has the power to create what she wants. 


A magnetic woman is strong, empowered and independent.  She comes in any and every shape, size, color and orientation. 

A magnetic woman knows that her biggest gift in this world is being the fullest authentic expression of herself. 


She has outrageous confidence, inspiring radiance and puts her pleasure as her number 1 priority. 


She is a trailblazer, the one who is changing her family lineage, and the people around her.  She is the woman who is ready for a new archetype of what it means to be a woman. 

A Magnetic Woman knows her desires, and stands for them no matter what. 


She knows that true empowerment and confidence comes from deep and profound self love. 


She truly embraces and celebrates her beauty, sensuality and sexuality, exactly how she is.  Every day, no exceptions.  


A magnetic woman knows that feeling safe and at home in her body IS true empowerment and knows that it is through connecting to Pussy that a woman finds that depth of empowerment. 


A magnetic woman loves men and the masculine (even if she is in relationships with women).

She knows that her radiance and presence is the greatest gift in everyone’s life, and especially in a man’s life.

A Magnetic Woman knows that in order to create epic love and a passionate partnership she must continually face triggers, and wounds head on with love and acceptance.  She makes a life- long commitment to her own growth, as well as the growth inside of her relationships. 


She creates clear and healthy boundaries in her life, and knows that having boundaries is a way to love herself and others.  She does not operate under any obligation to anyone except herself, and what turns her on!


A magnetic woman values sisterhood, and strives to see all women as a sister.  She knows that jealousy and competition is not how women are meant to connect. She proudly stands in the fact that shining her light gives other women the permission and inspiration to shine theirs. 


Being a magnetic woman is a daily commitment. 

Being a magnetic woman is a lifestyle. 

It is the boldest, most loving decision a woman can make for herself. 


I would love to hear how much you LOVE this manifesto!! What really resonates with you!



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