The Just Enough Shell

The Shell Of the Just Enough Woman

I have been having a lot of conversations, and a lot of thoughts about this....

The truth is that us driven, successful and ambitious women have a shell around us - the shell of just enough.

And it is suffocating.

  • You see - we were taught to NOT be too much. That the world can't handle all of us.

  • That if we shine our light too bright other women will hate us and judge us.

  • That if we share the full range of our emotions that we will be seen as crazy and/or no one will really be able to hold it.

  • That if we allow for our fullest desires that there is no way that it can happen so it is better to just want less.

  • That if we ask for help or support that we will be seen as needy or weak.

  • That if we allow our full sensual or sexual self out that it will be too wild for this world and somehow make us unsafe.

And at the exact same time there is the NOT ENOUGH side of the shell.

This has taught us.....

  • To over give as a way to secure love, affection and connection.

  • That there is something inherently flawed inside of us - we aren't even sure where this notion came from.

  • That we have to say yes when we mean no, and say no when we mean yes - better yet we stay in not knowing what we want because if we know what we want than we will have to ask for it - and what if that makes someone else uncomfortable.

  • That we have to pick up the emotional, mental and even physical slack in our relationships because that is how we used to feel valuable growing up.

  • That the perfectionist trap of always striving but never arriving is the ONLY way to move forward - all because we are cut off from our truth that we are already ENOUGH.

We think we have to hold it up all on our own, that we can't ask for help or support.

And this just continues to reinforce the shell.

And so we stay in the Just Enough Shell. That has just enough room for us to survive but never thrive.

Its exhausting


And NOT how we are meant to live.

But in order to break this shell you have to get vulnerable.

You have to ask for help.

The truth is that you are ENOUGH - in fact you are MORE THAN ENOUGH and that is just right.

When you embrace that you are MORE THAN ENOUGH -

That you were never meant to be in this shell and that in fact the only way to break it is through being

Fully Unleashed

Being Fully Unleashed means leading your life from Pleasure, what turns you on and ditching any sense of obligations to fit into what other/s "want" from you.

Being Fully Unleashed means allowing the fullness of your power, your feminine, and your truth out knowing that it makes you MORE lovable, more connected and more supported.

Being Fully Unleashed means knowing and celebrating the fullness of your sensuality and s*xuality in a way that allows your internal radiance to be ever present.

If you are ready to break the shell of Just Enough and become Fully Unleashed email me -(lauren{at} ) for details on Fully Unleashed the 6 month elite private mentorship.