3 Things that every man wants you to know.....

Hey Gorgeous!

I see so many women struggling with their relationships with men, and the truth is that you don’t need to struggle at all.

You are struggling because you don’t understand men, not on a foundational level.

And when you know these 3 things, it will help clear up a lot for you.

First let me say, that I LOVE men!

I really do .

Of course I have had my heart broken, I have been disappointed, frustrated, felt uncomfortable around them, and been angry with men before.

But on a deep and fundamental level I love men.

And I truly believe there are a LOT of good men out there, in fact, I believe that the majority of men are good.

OK now that that is out of the way here we go.

  1. They want to make you happy!

I know you may not feel it or see it on a regular basis, but men do want to make you happy.

Unfortunately you set most of them up for failure.

You set them up for failure because YOU actually do not know what you want.

A man needs to know what YOU want in order to give it to you so that you can be happy. This goes for IN and OUT of the bedroom.

In order for you to allow a man to make you happy you have to….

Focused on your own happiness in your life. The real truth is that men want to make a happy woman happier. He is NOT responsible for your baseline happiness. The second you give him that power or put that expectation on him is the second that you set him up for failure.

You also have to……

KNOW what you want, and that your desires are right, and feel empowered to ask for them.

2. He wants to be appreciated.

Every single person wants to feel appreciated, seen and heard.

Often women are so focused on what men do WRONG that they rarely ever appreciate a man.

Amp up your gratitude for you man, or men in your life in general and to their faces and see what changes.

Think about it, what you focus on grows. So, if you are preoccupied with everything that he is doing wrong or all the ways that men are not showing up you are going to continue to see that in your life.

3. They know when you hate men.

Yeah, they can feel it.

They can feel all of your anger, resentment, and hatred towards them. It may not be towards him specifically but if you are constantly man bashing, he can feel it.

Your energy, and beliefs are a very powerful thing.

Would you want to be with a man who was constantly bashing women, talking about all of the negative traits about women he has experienced?

No! You would run away as fast as you can.

The thing is most women have not even begun to scratch the service of the anger and resentment that they are carrying towards men, and then they wonder why they don’t have men asking them out.

It is time to do some work on how you view men, and the masculine in the world.

Again - everything you feel towards men is right, you have a right to be angry, frustrated, heart broken, whatever it is. You experiences and emotions are valid.

But if you want to have an amazing relationship in your life it is time to heal your relaitonship with men and the masculine.

If this post really spoke to you and you realize you need to do some work in this area check out my Understanding the Modern Man Course.



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