What Should be in Every Woman's Tool Kit

The Tool Every Goddess Should know and use


I believe that every woman is a Goddess in her own right.


I remember a few years ago when I was first introduced to this tool and I thought there is no way I would ever use this, in reality I was unaware of its true power – or maybe I was actually completely aware of it, and frightened of it.


This a tool that I think every single woman needs to be aware of, and integrate into their self-care regimens. Because every single time I use this I feel like a Goddess.


The tool that I think every Goddess should use is….


The Jade Egg.


The jade egg comes from the Taoist tradition and is said to have been influenced by female shamans. 


The jade egg has energetic and physical benefits – although there have never been any scientific studies on the jade egg and its benefits – there have just been thousands of years of tradition.


So again I say there are no scientific benefits to the jade egg, but I will talk to you about what I have learned in my training and certification, and more importantly my own experience with the jade egg.


So first you must know that jade is used because it is a  stone with cleansing powers, and has strong structural integrity. Which means it will not break during use – but you must get a genuine jade egg.


So you take the jade egg and you insert it into your vaginal canal and with the egg inserted you do different energetic and pelvic floor exercises.  Because it strengthens your pelvic floor muscles there are many physical benefits that women experience.


This is where I would recommend that if you are interested in using the jade egg that you purchase a course, so that you are guided on how to correctly use the egg. 

You can get an instant download of my Sexy Jade Egg Bootcamp here.


Ok back to the real benefits of the jade egg……


Women has said that it helps physically with:

  • Healing prolapse

  • Healing Incontinence

  • Healing sexual issues

  • Helping to heal trauma, pain and even sadness.

  • Helping to clear up chronic yeast infections and UTIs.

  • Healing post partum issues.

  • Increasing libido

  • Better, longer, and multiple orgasms.

  • Increase lubrication


Energetically the jade egg…..

  • Helps increase a sense of wholeness, self love and feeling at home in your body.

  • Clearing stuck and stagnant emotions.

  • Feeling happier, lighter and more turned on

  • Releasing stuck and stagnant emotions from your organs and chakras.

  • Increase your natural radiance

  • Increase your confidence.


The way this all works is based on Chinese medicine which believes that any issue in the body is caused by stuck or stagnant energy.


The jade egg uses your sexual energy or jing chi to unblock, heal and increase the energy flowing through your body.


My experience with the jade egg is that it did help me with physical issues, the emotional and energetic result that I received far out weighted anything else.


It took me a few years after hearing about the jade egg before I actually tried it.  And once I started with a regular practice I couldn’t go back.


Prior to using the jade egg I was experiencing chronic yeast infections and UTIs.


After just a month or so of regular practices I found that any physical issues I was having had completely cleared up (without taking any medication). 


But more importantly I felt more alive, more turned on to life.   I felt more at home and confident in my body.   


When a woman comes home to her Pussy she comes how to herself.  Coming into embracing and celebrating your sexuality and all parts of your body is your gateway to your power as a woman.


Our sexual energy is the most potent energy available in our bodies, and most people, but especially women are completely unaware of how to tap into and utilize this energy.


This about it – it is life force energy – available to us at all times, and we can increase our own vibrancy and radiance by doing energetic practices.


I now have a regular jade egg practice and every time I use this incredible tool I feel more connected to love within myself.

Not to mention what it does to my orgasms. WOW. ;)


Again if you are interested in learning more about the jade egg make sure to grab The Sexy Jade Egg Bootcamp here.

you should NOT use the jade egg if you are pregnant, menstruating, have an STD outbreak, or have a sever yeast infection of UTI –  I am not a medical doctor and you should consult one if you have any concerns