The Just Enough Shell

The Shell Of the Just Enough Woman

I have been having a lot of conversations, and a lot of thoughts about this....

The truth is that us driven, successful and ambitious women have a shell around us - the shell of just enough.

And it is suffocating.

  • You see - we were taught to NOT be too much. That the world can't handle all of us.

  • That if we shine our light too bright other women will hate us and judge us.

  • That if we share the full range of our emotions that we will be seen as crazy and/or no one will really be able to hold it.

  • That if we allow for our fullest desires that there is no way that it can happen so it is better to just want less.

  • That if we ask for help or support that we will be seen as needy or weak.

  • That if we allow our full sensual or sexual self out that it will be too wild for this world and somehow make us unsafe.

And at the exact same time there is the NOT ENOUGH side of the shell.

This has taught us.....

  • To over give as a way to secure love, affection and connection.

  • That there is something inherently flawed inside of us - we aren't even sure where this notion came from.

  • That we have to say yes when we mean no, and say no when we mean yes - better yet we stay in not knowing what we want because if we know what we want than we will have to ask for it - and what if that makes someone else uncomfortable.

  • That we have to pick up the emotional, mental and even physical slack in our relationships because that is how we used to feel valuable growing up.

  • That the perfectionist trap of always striving but never arriving is the ONLY way to move forward - all because we are cut off from our truth that we are already ENOUGH.

We think we have to hold it up all on our own, that we can't ask for help or support.

And this just continues to reinforce the shell.

And so we stay in the Just Enough Shell. That has just enough room for us to survive but never thrive.

Its exhausting


And NOT how we are meant to live.

But in order to break this shell you have to get vulnerable.

You have to ask for help.

The truth is that you are ENOUGH - in fact you are MORE THAN ENOUGH and that is just right.

When you embrace that you are MORE THAN ENOUGH -

That you were never meant to be in this shell and that in fact the only way to break it is through being

Fully Unleashed

Being Fully Unleashed means leading your life from Pleasure, what turns you on and ditching any sense of obligations to fit into what other/s "want" from you.

Being Fully Unleashed means allowing the fullness of your power, your feminine, and your truth out knowing that it makes you MORE lovable, more connected and more supported.

Being Fully Unleashed means knowing and celebrating the fullness of your sensuality and s*xuality in a way that allows your internal radiance to be ever present.

If you are ready to break the shell of Just Enough and become Fully Unleashed email me -(lauren{at} ) for details on Fully Unleashed the 6 month elite private mentorship.



Why I Do Not Trust Male Dating Advice

Hi Gorgeous!

It has been awhile! Other parts of my business were taking me away from posting regular blogs - but I am back!

I know you are probably like I used to be - where you look to a lot of male dating coaches for insight on how men think, but more importantly how to get the relationship that you desire.


I used to only listen to male dating coaches because I thought “well I want to attract in a man, and they will be able to tell me exactly what men want!”


And of course this is solid logic and true to an extent the reality is what you want is not going to come from a male dating coach.


Let’s look past a lot of their bs bro marketing, fear based stuff for a second and look at the fact that this is a man.  And he wired for “if its not broke don’t fix it”.


And let’s face facts ladies – the Patriarchy has been working for men! IN a lot of their minds the system isn’t broken.  They have been getting everything they want (or really what they “think” they want) for centuries.


And the majority of them have NEVER met a woman who deeply owns and celebrates her Feminine and her Sexual Essence in the way that a Magnetic Woman does.


So if he has never met a woman who embodies her feminine, and has obviously never had to learn how to embody his feminine as a woman – how the hell is he supposed to lead you to what you want?!


The current system of love and dating isn’t and has not been working for women for a LONG time.


The belief that we have to do certain things to get a person to like us.  That we have to put our desires, needs and wants second to our partner or potential partner.  That the man is the one who leads the relationship.

That a man is the one who is going to come in and know how to give us the experience of soul  shaking pleasure without you knowing or owning your own pleasure.

The way that we have been taught to fear and hate our sexual essence and in turn lack a sense of personal power and trust within ourselves.


The reality is that a NEW paradigm is being created an YOU are leading it!


Yes you, and every other Empowered Woman across the globe.


The truth is that the Feminine is the leader inside of the relationship. {mic drop}


We are the ones with the VISION, the DESIRES and the Emotional Intelligence to lead us into deeper and intimacy and connection. 


But you can ONLY do that if you are owning and celebrating your Feminine Power and your Sexual Essence – which let’s face it are one in the same.


Yes male dating coaches can teach you how to phrase things to be more alluring to a man – but chances are those texts and phrases are slightly manipulative.  When a woman fully owns her sexual essence she can say anything and it is alluring to the masculine.

The Feminine has the power to cut through the bs of the masculine, to call the masculine into a higher sense of its own power, and a higher sense of truth.


THAT is the kind of love that you desire.  A love that is constantly evolving, is full of passion and continually grows into deeper connection and intimacy.


That kind of love ONLY comes from you being in your full and unapologetic power as a woman.  And you have to find the permission to BE that from inside of yourself. 


What the masculine truly craves is you to be in your FULLEST Unapologetic Power.  But he can’t lead you there, you have to do it yourself.





P.S. If you want to be a woman who is Fully Unleashed this is your invitation to apply to work with me privately.  Email me at and let me know WHY you ar ready to be Fully Unleashed.

Best Valentine's Day Ideas if you are Single or in a Relationship.

Hey Gorgeous!

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner I wanted to give you some ideas on how to spend the day of love.

Not let me first say that if you are single and resentful of the idea of Valentine’s Day - I get it and I have a challenge for you.

Imagine that this was your LAST Valentine’s Day single - ever. How would you treat yourself? What would you do for yourself to show yourself such a deep and profound sense of love.

It can be easy to focus on how you are alone, or you aren’t getting the love that you desire yet - but when you shift your focus to how this is the last time that you will have to be alone on Valentine’s Day it really shifts the energy of the day. Then it becomes exciting to think about how you will spend the day.

So here are my top Valentine’s Day ideas - that go beyond chocolate and flowers.

1.     In home massage! You know I am a self care queen and last year I was turned on to the idea of massage services that come into your home. I have used Zeel and never had a bad experience. I always request a woman and it feels so luxurious having someone come to me, to have my massage and then be able to just hop in the bath! The do couples massages as well! Click here to get $20 off! * note using this code will also send me $20 off.


2.     Look at an experience together like a cooking class or alcohol tasting.

In just about every major city you can find some kind of cooking class, or even tasting event.  This is a great way to spend time together, and do something different.  Figure out your significant other’s favorite kind of food or beverage and look for an event centered around it.

Or you can create your own! Want to know more about wine or beer? Go to your local store and pick up a few and do your own tasting event at home! And if you are single invite your friends over and tell them that they all have to bring a wine and cheese or food combo and then have a little tasting part.

Another way to find unique experiences around you is to look at Air B and B experiences.  While this is geared towards tourist – it is a great way to find cool things in your area.


3.      Subscription boxes (this is also a great gift for yourself).

There are so many different subscription boxes these days, and you ususally do not have to commit to a full year of the subscription.  You can find anything from skin care to wine. And the best part is that it is a gift that keeps on giving because you get the item every month!

Two of my favorite subscription boxes for myself are Ipsy and Blessbox. They are both make up focused (go figure). But I just saw today that a local distillery does a monthly membership - the possibilities are really endless!

4.     Take out/cooking in and a movie.

Let’s take this up a notch! I for one LOVE to stay in and cook a delicious meal and snuggle up on the couch. And if this is your Valentine’s Day of choice I would say take it up a notch.  Get a more expensive bottle of wine, or even just get out the nicer plates. Make the experience feel more luxurious than your normal night in.

You can even pick a theme night – pretend you are heading to Italy and get delicious pasta, wine and watch an Italian Romance film. 


5.     Create a Love Scavenger hunt.

This could be around your city or even your apartment.  Create clues for your partner to find and then put their gift (or even yourself ;) ;) ) at the end of it.

And if you are single – think about your favorite food or beverage and do a “crawl” around the city. Invite other friends to join you on your hunt for the best ……whatever is your favorite thing.


There are so many things that you can do to show your love for your partner or for yourself.  But remember you do not have to keep it all designated to February 14th.  In face take these ideas and incorporate them weekly into your life and watch how your relationship blossoms.





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What is going on if you are only attracting men who just want to hook up.

What is going on if you are only attracting men who just want to hook up.


This was inspired by a question that I get all of the time from women.


What do I do if I am only meeting men who just want to hook up? Or how do I attract a man who wants a relationship?


First let me say that there ARE men out there who do want relationships, but here is the thing they are also going to want to have sex with you.


In a world of swiping for the next best thing, and hook up culture it can seem almost impossible to find a man who wants to commit and who isn’t playing games.


If you are only attracting men who just want to hook up here is what you are doing wrong.


1.     You believe that is all that is out there.

Your beliefs and the stories that you tell yourself have a HUGE impact on what you attract into your life.  If you are constantly thinking, saying, telling your friends and anyone else who will listen that all men want is to hook up you are certainly going to find that.


And on that notion stop making men WRONG for wanting sex. 


Here is some real and raw truth – if a man just wants to hook up, he isn’t wrong for that desire.  Just like you aren’t wrong for your desire for a relationship.


Men and women’s desire for sex isn’t wrong – and the more that you make anyone wrong for their desires it is just an indication that YOU feel wrong about your desires.



2.     You haven’t healed your own sexuality and it is tied to your worth

Men may or may not just want to hook up with you but the more that you tie your worth to sex (which is normal for a lot of women) the more of a chance is that you will believe and attract in men who do not want a relationship.


You will find yourself in an unhealthy cycle of making your sexuality wrong, but then also feeling you like you need to secure a man’s affection with sex.


The majority of women have never done any work around healing or embracing their sexuality let alone learning how to celebrate it and be in an empowered place with it.


When I was dating I did not attract in men who only wanted to hook up with me, in fact the majority of men I dated wanted a relationship with me.

And that is not because there is something special about me, other than I did not tie my worth to my sexuality and because I truly believe that my presence is a gift to men.


3.     You aren’t fully ready for a relationship.

You may not want to hear this but it is true.

If you are not attracting in men who are ready for and wanting a relationship, there is a chance that you are not ready for a relationship.

This could be for a variety of reasons but what I find to be the most common reasons are that you are afraid of being vulnerable and open in an intimate partnership.


You are afraid that you actually can’t have what you truly desire, that it isn’t possible, so

you keep putting yourself in situations where that plays out.


You haven’t healed your deepest core wounding and keep playing them out with all of the men that you attract in.


You aren’t actually clear in what you want, or you are finding yourself wrong for your heart’s true desire.


When you are in anything expect FULL faith that you can have what you desire, and when you haven’t healed your wounding from your childhood, past pain and trauma there is an opportunity for you to do that healing.


So yes, there are men who just want to hook up, but you don’t have to be with them.  Start focusing more on what you want and less on what you do not want.





P.S. If you are looking to embrace your sexiness as a way to untie your worth from your sexuality check out Confidently Sexy my digital course.


What Should be in Every Woman's Tool Kit

The Tool Every Goddess Should know and use


I believe that every woman is a Goddess in her own right.


I remember a few years ago when I was first introduced to this tool and I thought there is no way I would ever use this, in reality I was unaware of its true power – or maybe I was actually completely aware of it, and frightened of it.


This a tool that I think every single woman needs to be aware of, and integrate into their self-care regimens. Because every single time I use this I feel like a Goddess.


The tool that I think every Goddess should use is….


The Jade Egg.


The jade egg comes from the Taoist tradition and is said to have been influenced by female shamans. 


The jade egg has energetic and physical benefits – although there have never been any scientific studies on the jade egg and its benefits – there have just been thousands of years of tradition.


So again I say there are no scientific benefits to the jade egg, but I will talk to you about what I have learned in my training and certification, and more importantly my own experience with the jade egg.


So first you must know that jade is used because it is a  stone with cleansing powers, and has strong structural integrity. Which means it will not break during use – but you must get a genuine jade egg.


So you take the jade egg and you insert it into your vaginal canal and with the egg inserted you do different energetic and pelvic floor exercises.  Because it strengthens your pelvic floor muscles there are many physical benefits that women experience.


This is where I would recommend that if you are interested in using the jade egg that you purchase a course, so that you are guided on how to correctly use the egg. 

You can get an instant download of my Sexy Jade Egg Bootcamp here.


Ok back to the real benefits of the jade egg……


Women has said that it helps physically with:

  • Healing prolapse

  • Healing Incontinence

  • Healing sexual issues

  • Helping to heal trauma, pain and even sadness.

  • Helping to clear up chronic yeast infections and UTIs.

  • Healing post partum issues.

  • Increasing libido

  • Better, longer, and multiple orgasms.

  • Increase lubrication


Energetically the jade egg…..

  • Helps increase a sense of wholeness, self love and feeling at home in your body.

  • Clearing stuck and stagnant emotions.

  • Feeling happier, lighter and more turned on

  • Releasing stuck and stagnant emotions from your organs and chakras.

  • Increase your natural radiance

  • Increase your confidence.


The way this all works is based on Chinese medicine which believes that any issue in the body is caused by stuck or stagnant energy.


The jade egg uses your sexual energy or jing chi to unblock, heal and increase the energy flowing through your body.


My experience with the jade egg is that it did help me with physical issues, the emotional and energetic result that I received far out weighted anything else.


It took me a few years after hearing about the jade egg before I actually tried it.  And once I started with a regular practice I couldn’t go back.


Prior to using the jade egg I was experiencing chronic yeast infections and UTIs.


After just a month or so of regular practices I found that any physical issues I was having had completely cleared up (without taking any medication). 


But more importantly I felt more alive, more turned on to life.   I felt more at home and confident in my body.   


When a woman comes home to her Pussy she comes how to herself.  Coming into embracing and celebrating your sexuality and all parts of your body is your gateway to your power as a woman.


Our sexual energy is the most potent energy available in our bodies, and most people, but especially women are completely unaware of how to tap into and utilize this energy.


This about it – it is life force energy – available to us at all times, and we can increase our own vibrancy and radiance by doing energetic practices.


I now have a regular jade egg practice and every time I use this incredible tool I feel more connected to love within myself.

Not to mention what it does to my orgasms. WOW. ;)


Again if you are interested in learning more about the jade egg make sure to grab The Sexy Jade Egg Bootcamp here.

you should NOT use the jade egg if you are pregnant, menstruating, have an STD outbreak, or have a sever yeast infection of UTI –  I am not a medical doctor and you should consult one if you have any concerns





3 Things that every man wants you to know.....

Hey Gorgeous!

I see so many women struggling with their relationships with men, and the truth is that you don’t need to struggle at all.

You are struggling because you don’t understand men, not on a foundational level.

And when you know these 3 things, it will help clear up a lot for you.

First let me say, that I LOVE men!

I really do .

Of course I have had my heart broken, I have been disappointed, frustrated, felt uncomfortable around them, and been angry with men before.

But on a deep and fundamental level I love men.

And I truly believe there are a LOT of good men out there, in fact, I believe that the majority of men are good.

OK now that that is out of the way here we go.

  1. They want to make you happy!

I know you may not feel it or see it on a regular basis, but men do want to make you happy.

Unfortunately you set most of them up for failure.

You set them up for failure because YOU actually do not know what you want.

A man needs to know what YOU want in order to give it to you so that you can be happy. This goes for IN and OUT of the bedroom.

In order for you to allow a man to make you happy you have to….

Focused on your own happiness in your life. The real truth is that men want to make a happy woman happier. He is NOT responsible for your baseline happiness. The second you give him that power or put that expectation on him is the second that you set him up for failure.

You also have to……

KNOW what you want, and that your desires are right, and feel empowered to ask for them.

2. He wants to be appreciated.

Every single person wants to feel appreciated, seen and heard.

Often women are so focused on what men do WRONG that they rarely ever appreciate a man.

Amp up your gratitude for you man, or men in your life in general and to their faces and see what changes.

Think about it, what you focus on grows. So, if you are preoccupied with everything that he is doing wrong or all the ways that men are not showing up you are going to continue to see that in your life.

3. They know when you hate men.

Yeah, they can feel it.

They can feel all of your anger, resentment, and hatred towards them. It may not be towards him specifically but if you are constantly man bashing, he can feel it.

Your energy, and beliefs are a very powerful thing.

Would you want to be with a man who was constantly bashing women, talking about all of the negative traits about women he has experienced?

No! You would run away as fast as you can.

The thing is most women have not even begun to scratch the service of the anger and resentment that they are carrying towards men, and then they wonder why they don’t have men asking them out.

It is time to do some work on how you view men, and the masculine in the world.

Again - everything you feel towards men is right, you have a right to be angry, frustrated, heart broken, whatever it is. You experiences and emotions are valid.

But if you want to have an amazing relationship in your life it is time to heal your relaitonship with men and the masculine.

If this post really spoke to you and you realize you need to do some work in this area check out my Understanding the Modern Man Course.



P.S. If you want to do even deeper work on your relationship with men - Seductress provides the perfect content and tools to help you deeply heal your relationship with men.

My Favorite Beauty Products Under $20!

Hey Gorgeous!

If you have been following me for any length of time than you know I am obsessed with all things beauty products.

I love make up, skin care, bath products, perfumes anything and everything to make me FEEL beautiful.

And that’s the thing, all of this stuff isn’t for anyone else. It isn’t about wearing the right lipstick to “get a man” or to “be more desirable”.

It is about doing things that make you FEEL amazing.

That is how I view beauty, and this is what I teach my clients as well. Beauty is about taking time everyday to honor who and what you are as a woman. It is a connection to the divinity in us, and more importantly it is about honoring the beauty that you and you alone bring to this world.

When you reframe what beauty is, that it is about making yourself feel amazing it becomes easier to prioritize it.

And the best part is, especially now feeling beautiful doesn’t have to come at a large price tag.

Here are some of my favorite products under $20!

Make up:

Anything and everything Colourpop.

I am a HUGE fan of the concealer. This is by far the best concealer that I have found for my under eyes. The texture is amazing, the coverage is out of this world. and for $7 you can not beat it!

I also love their eye shadow palettes.

Kiko is a brand that I found when I living in Italy in 2011. And I was so grateful for it, because it was great make up and super affordable - I was on an extremely tight budget while I lived there so it was perfect.

But I still use their make up, especially their lip products.

The best mascara I have ever used is Two Faced Better Than Sex. The travel size is under $20 - and I believe the full size is just a little more.

This mascara gives me ultimate lift and makes my lashes look so full.

I am obsessed with highlighters, the give you an instant glow and you can use there in so many different ways.

I always highlight the high points of my cheeks, but other great areas are - under your eyebrow, above your cupid’s bow and on the inner corner of your eyes.

Becca highlighters are top of the top and because you don’t ever use that much I always buy the travel size.


When it comes to make up application I highly recommend getting some great brushes- it does make a difference.

One time when I was getting my make up professionally done I asked the make up artist about her brushes, she recommended this brand and I bought a set - I have loved them ever since, and it is super affordable.


Skin Care:

I have become obsessed with skin care recently because when you take care of your skin you actually need to wear less make up. And our skin is our largest organ so even if you are not into make up taking care of your skin just makes sense.

My absolute favorite skin care brand that is uber affordable is

The Ordinary

They have a few sister companies as well - and everything I have ever tried from there I love.

But some of my favorites are:

Buffet, Natural Moisturizing Factors and Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion which comes in a set!

The thing with The Ordinary is you have to be willing to take some time to read through the products and what the different ingredients do - but it is oh so worth it.

Caudalie's Beauty Elixir is another all time favorite. This is a French skin care line, and oh do the French know their skin care.

The beauty elixir is an incredible mist that makes my skin feel hydrated, plump, awake and radiant.

Those are just a few of my favorites to start with!

If you enjoyed this - leave me a comment and let me know and I will be sure to do more blogs like this.



P.S. If you want to know more about what it takes to really own your beauty as a woman check out the online courses I have here.

My thoughts on all things Gillette ad and toxic masculinity.

There has been a lot of talk, posts and comments about the recent commercial for men’s razors where there is a stance against toxic masculinity.

I have long heard how men, and certain men’s groups fear that masculinity is being redefined, watered down, and that women are trying to make men more into women.

When I first saw the ad - I loved it, I thought how much I would love every man to not just see it but to allow it to lead to deeper questions about how they are in fact perpetuating toxic masculinity.

Toxic masculinity isn’t something that has just been made up - it is in many ways what masculinity has been identified as. The qualities that are being “threatened” right now are not actually what masculinity is. They are the shadow parts of the masculine.

The idea that there are toxic parts of masculinity is a way to in fact honor the masculine. Because it does in fact preserve the healthy parts of masculinity. We are not throwing the baby out with the bath water here.

The shadow of the masculine emerges when both the masculine and feminine (energies) can not be fully expressed in a healthy way.

Every single person has masculine and feminine energy (or yin and yang) and each person is mean tto express both in a healthy way.

But we have all grown up in a patriarchal culture - and this has been the societal system for thousands upon thousands of years. This cultural system is one built revering masculine qualities and men more than feminine qualities and women.

So we have learned for thousands of years that the masculine is better, which means men and women have been afraid to be in touch with their feminine energy.

There are toxic or shadow parts of the feminine as well. Which if we are being honest most women have over identified as what femininity is and therefore do not want to be “feminine”.

The fact that there is backlash against an ad that is calling on men to be more conscious of their actions and loving IS the problem.

In my opinion being a respectful and loving person doesn’t have a gender and is not an attack on anyone.

Wanting men to be loving, and to actually feel their emotions does not make them any less strong, in fact it makes them stronger. When any person denies their emotions, stifles them or pushes them away they systematically cut themselves off from their truth and their power.

Wanting men to respect women and the feminine does not mean we want men to become women or soft. When a man or the masculine respects the women or the feminine it in fact makes the masculine stronger. When a woman feels seen and accepted so is much more likely to fully accept a man in his masculine.

The toxic sides or shadow sides of the feminine come out because we have been socially oppressed for thousands of years. We have not been allowed to express our true feminine selves and therefore many women have resorted to moving through the world in a way that is unhealthy for us and for men.

The shadow of the feminine uses sex as manipulation, can’t feel or express her emotions in a healthy way and therefore will try to make someone feel bad or wrong to try and get what they want. The shadow of the feminine will hate their body and anything feminine about themselves - their vulnerability, their compassion their intuition and it will consistently try to emasculate the men around them. The reason why the shadow feminine thrives is because the true feminine has been oppressed in men and in women.

I full heartily believe that men MUST take more responsibility for their actions, and for becoming better HUMANS.

But I also think that we as women have a responsibility to heal our own feminine. We MUST do our own work - because when we heal our feminine we can hold better space for the men in our lives as they heal their masculine as well.

And before you get too up in arms it is not our responsibliity to hold space for them - but we also have a lot of unhealthy patterns as women that need to be addressed and we do not actually need men to change first.

I also believe that we as women have a responsibility to LOVE the masculine - demonizing men is not going to fix or heal anything. I find that women can not fully come into love and appreciate for the true masculine until you come into full love and appreciation for your own feminine and yourself as a while.

We can continue to bring men’s attentions to where things need to shift but you as a woman better be doing your own work as well.

Of course you have anger, and maybe even hatred toward men - and while some men probably deserve it, most men do not.

Most men are doing the best that they can, they are doing what they have been conditioned to do, and what they albeit unconsciously believe is how they should act in order to be a man.

While we are asking men to take more responsibility for their masculine, let us continue to take responsibility for our feminine.



P.S. If you are looking for a way to heal your feminine I invite you to join Seductress my 6 month high level program for the woman who is ready to embody her feminine, claim her sexy confidence and create a passionate partnership.

You can read more here



Throw out your pre-scripted texts to men.

:: The pre-scripted texts that you just opted in for to "get a man hooked" don't work and here's why..... ::

Oh yes there are plenty a coach out there so ready to give you the list of texts that will.....

Drive him man

Make him addicted

Make him commit

Make him want you

Blah blah blah.

I cal B.S.

This type of stuff isn't for the empowered woman, oh no it is for the woman who doesn't trust herself, doesn't know herself and feels completely disempowered in dating and relationships.

The entire idea of "getting a man" or "making a man" do anything comes from a place of assuming that men have the power.

Well they don't you do.

You are not being chosen by a man - you are choosing.

Now don't get me wrong I used to study things like those pre-designed texts as well and think it was the answer to everything.

But this was before I actually learned how to be in my feminine power.

Men don't want a pre-scripted text from you - they want YOU to be completely and totally authentic.

They want you to be yourself and for that to come through in your communication.

And believe it or not - men want you IN your power.

Putting all of the power and focus on a man and his needs is what has led you to the failed relationships up until this point.

It is what has kept you feeling alone, isolated, shut down and utterly dissatisfied.

You don't need anyone telling you what to text a guy.....

What you need is to remember that you are the prize and you are the one with the power.

But in order to do that you must tap into your unique feminine power.

You must heal your past wording around men and relationships.

You must realize your own brilliance.

You must heal, embrace and celebrate your sensuality and sexuality

And you must learn how to communicate in an authentic and productive way - that allows you to get your needs met without feeling needy or desperate.

You do not need someone to tell you what to say to a guy.

If you are ready to tap into your unique power as a woman I invite you to join Seductress.

My high level program for the woman who is ready to embody her feminine, feel confidently sexy and create a passionate partnership.

You can learn more here.